I Couldn’t Let These Pass

It’s been about a month since I did one of my catch up articles. Needless to say, I will do an incomplete job but here we go.

No Surprise Here!

Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio has refused to cooperate with the January 6th Committee. If a creature physically resembling a human could stand atop their lies and lack of courage Jordan would be very, very tall.

The Castle Question

I think there is a lot to be said for the Castle Doctrine theory. Basically it maintains that a person’s (or Jim Jordan’s) home or business is their castle and they have the right to use a gun to defend it against a trespasser. Perhaps the proponents of that theory (to which I largely prescribe) should teach their young (thinking of you, Kyle Rittenhouse) that the castle has to be theirs not somebody else’s in another state. If you are going to defend turf you better own it or at least lease it.

A Different Angle

Much has been said and written about the traffic jam on I-95 that lasted over 24 hours for many. My concern takes a little different path. The interstate highway system, of which I-95 is a part, was a bi-partisan effort spearheaded by then-President Dwight Eisenhower and then-Senator Al Gore, Sr. It was billed as a national defense project and paid for largely with military funds. To this day any five mile stretch must contain at least a one mile straightaway so that an airplane could land on it.

I-95 is the main street of the east coast and I’ve traveled on it many times, including the stretch in question. I also lived in Western New York for the first 47 years of my life so I am no stranger to snow. My concern is what effect the loss of I-95 had on our national defense.


The 1/6 Committee has also asked several Fox News on air personalities to testify since they obviously were in communication with the White House as the events of January 6th were unfolding. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. If subpoenaed expect a court fight. Are those the actions of a flag loving American patriot?

Keep An Eye On Tish

While most of the focus is on DC don’t forget about New York State Attorney General Tish James. She has subpoenaed Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr. If Donald Trump cares about any person on Earth other than himself– and that is certainly an open question – it is his oldest daughter. James is 2 and 0 going up against Trump head-to-head to date.

Five Strikes And You’re Out?

Earlier this month Twitter permanently suspended the account of Marjorie Taylor Greene in the wake of her fifth violation of policy by spreading COVID lies. From a fatality standpoint COVID in America has become an almost exclusively red disease. People who are foolish enough to believe Greene are dying. Don’t hurt yourself in your haste policing your site Twitter.

Good Riddance!

FDIC Chair, Jelena McWilliams resigned in a huff. McWilliams was a Trump appointee and her absence opens the way for President Biden to make an appointment and shift the balance of power on the FDIC Board. If there is bad news in that scenario, I fail to see it.

Keep Messing With The Environment

The years changed with a huge wildfire in the Denver area that destroyed hundreds of homes. The area was dry mainly because of a shortage of snow. In fact, a large part of why the fire finally came under control was because of a significant snowfall.

If you follow baseball you know that Denver has the worst weather in the Major Leagues. Both early and late season Rockies’ games are subject to snow. A shortage of snow in the Denver area is unusual to say the least. Climate change is real and the time to do something significant about it is running out.

Red Killers

In late 2021 Dale Weeks died in Iowa because he could not get the hospital bed he needed to treat his sepsis infection. The reason there were no appropriate hospital beds available is because they were taken up by COVID patients over 80% of whom were unvaccinated.

I’m in favor of mandated vaccination with a legitimate medical reason being the only exemption. I’m probably not going to get that and certainly will not get it in time. In my opinion that time has long passed!

Short of that the only morally correct thing to do is treat all other patients and vaccinated breakthrough COVID patients (almost none of which require serious hospitalization) first and then if there is room left over the unvaccinated who brought it upon themselves.
Is that harsh? Perhaps, yes; but what is harsher than having to die because those around you didn’t have the common sense to protect themselves?

I’ll leave you there. Mission is incomplete but I try not to write when I’m boiling angry.

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