I Can’t And Why

Another Sunday article; another unique spin. No doubt the biggest political story of the week just ended was once again Ukraine. It actually helps me explain a decision I’ve made over the last several months. P. S. – Ukraine is only part of it.

A few years ago, I entered what I call Phase II of retirement. I ended the last civic/political position I had. (I served on, and at the end chaired, the Board of Directors of a non-profit.) My idea was to have more time for other things, mostly reading.

I figured Phase III was ending writing this blog. I have ideas for several books. One of which the first draft of has been done for some time. Another is stalled at chapter 14 and that is no where near the end. I’m certain a big part of the problem is me, but I’m not getting anywhere currently. I refuse to take a book leave and do not have the financial resources to hire staff. (By design this site loses a few hundred dollars a year and I am fine with that. I am beholden to no person or financial consideration.)

Last fall my longtime “computer guy” decided to retire. I gave serious thought to exiting this blog with him. Terry had become a friend and had gotten me through a few tough spots. (This site is not immune from hackers.) In the end I decided I had a moral obligation to break down the political events of the day for those with less background and certainly less time.

That brings us to today. I feel democracy is at risk globally; and that very much includes domestically. The last time democracy was this much at threat was in the run up to and during World War II. In fact, the parallels are uncanny. To abandon this project at this point would be morally irresponsible.

Right wing extremism mixed with large doses racism, homophobia and xenophobia is running rampant worldwide very much including in America. I am not a wealthy man and probably never will be. I am also realistic in that if I were to complete my books it would be much more of a bucket list thing than something that was likely to make me wealthy. Therefore, I decided to fulfill what I perceived as my moral obligation and continue the blog. It is simple, I reach more people this way and I feel my message is important.

Just briefly (and incompletely) look at what I would have missed if I ended this effort last October. I would have missed: the Delta variant, Biden’s incredibly successful economic recovery (which his people can’t seem to communicate to the masses), January 6th, the net continually closing around Trump, continued exposure of the Big Lie as a lie and the Ukraine war just to site a few things.

I could go on but this is becoming too much about me and in the greater scheme of things I realize that I am unimportant. Phase III of retirement may come some day but as long as I’m healthy, the internet doesn’t go away and the right wing doesn’t censor this column out of existence it is here for some time to come.

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