How Overt Does The Attack Have To Be?

81 years ago today the United States experienced a sneak attack on its naval base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. The next day Congress declared war on the perpetrators. December 7, 1941 wasn’t the last time that the United States was blatantly attacked; but December 8, 1941 was the last time it declared war on the perpetrator of said attack. While I won’t diminish my respect for the rank and file of the Greatest Generation, their leaders weren’t up to the standards of the masses and today it’s even worse. It will be worth your time to read on!

I was away for a few days and that included several hours of traveling during which I listened to Rachel Maddow’s podcast, Ultra. In it she chronicles the right wing, pro-Fascist movement in America in the lead up to and during World War II. Let me just say that the similarities to today are striking!

In my case the podcast didn’t plant an idea in my head. It reinforced one that has often been displayed in my writing for several years now. Among other places there is very much an enemy within the United States and I fear that it includes several past and present members of Congress. (Just like it did in the 1930s and 1940s.)
The word is that the January 6th Committee will issue a report before the end of the year (most likely before Christmas) my question is whether that report – with or without criminal referrals – will name names of members of Congress involved in the January 6th insurrection and associated events.

Here are my suspects:

In the Senate: Ted Cruz of Texas, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

In the House: Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama, Andrew Clyde, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jody Hice and Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Elise Stefanik of New York.

Johnson is continually parroting Moscow’s talking points.

Clyde’s action subsequent to January 6th remind me of Shakespeare’s line in Hamlet, “…the lady doth protest too much.”
Jim Jordan talks fast and his only relationship to the truth appears to be his ability to skirt it. When questioned about his phone activity on January 6th he suddenly becomes almost tongue tied.

Of late the right wing has increased its anti-Semitic rhetoric and behavior. That also was indicative of the rise of radical right wing activity during the rise of fascism in 1930s Europe.

The Republicans are taking over the House in January and what have they promised to do? Investigate. Their investigations are attempts to distract from history and the truth while simultaneously intimidating agencies that they control the funding of. The Nazi sympathizers in the American Congress of the 1930s and 1940s did the same thing.

A lot of American servicemen died at Pearl Harbor. Many more died in World War II. My father was a young boy who joined the Navy only to soil his pants under enemy fire. He wasn’t alone in that nor the oldest. They gave us a better life than we would have had under fascism. We owe them much more than sweeping things under the rug and investigations into legitimate criminal investigations or laptops that don’t effect our everyday lives! How overt does an attack on America have to be for us to take appropriate action?

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