How Did This “Hide”?

Forget Joe Biden’s nomination, or the historic one of Kamala Harris’ for that matter. Disregard the antics of Louis DeJoy at the USPS. Steve Bannon’s arrest was little more than an amusing and orchestrated skinny object, (more on that in a future article). The biggest story of last week was far and away the fact that the Republican controlled Senate Intelligence Committee released its long awaited report confirming the interference of a hostile foreign power in the 2016 election with the active aid of the campaign of the eventual winner. Let’s explore.

The Republican leadership of the committee changed during the long course of the investigation and final issuing of the report. The committee had been chaired by Richard “Bank Run” Burr of North Carolina until he stepped down (supposedly temporarily) in the wake of credible charges of unethical and illegal stock trades based on insider knowledge. The Acting Chair is Florida’s Marco Rubio who also has a history of questionable personal financial ethics. What else are we to expect? For the most part they are both sycophant Trump supporters.

They labeled former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort a, “Grave counterintelligence concern”. Effectively he was a Russian agent while running Trump’s 2016 campaign during the course of which he gave campaign data to a Russian Intelligence operative.

Also called out in the report for various nefarious activities including lying were Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Eric Prince, Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner. For their roles in the attempted cover up Attorney General Bill Barr and Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson received well deserved recognition.

The Founding Fathers designed America as a representative democracy. Even at its inception America was simply too big to be a pure democracy so out of practicality the Founders opted for the republic form of government. The entire concept of our country is based on an effective democracy; certainly one free of foreign interference in its elections.

I still contend that only a perfect storm allowed the election of Donald Trump. The Senate Intelligence Committee last week verified that a significant factor in that storm (many feel the most significant one) was Russian interference aided, abetted and welcomed by the highest levels of the Trump campaign. While there is still no direct proof of Trump’s personal involvement what do you think? I know what my guess is.

Almost equally alarming is that this wasn’t the news story of the century to date let along the week just gone by. Is America simply resigned to the fact that the current occupant of the Oval Office is an un-American, amoral criminal surrounded by similar people?

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