High Plateau

Today’s posting may be brief but that doesn’t take away from its seriousness nor does it give you any less fodder for both thought and concern. My regular readers know that I’ve been following the 14-day rolling average of new COVID infections for some time now. There are various metrics available but I think this may be the best predictor of the future.

The number of new infections were falling very nicely for several weeks. Of late, we seem to have plateaued at about 38,000 cases. 38,000 cases is certainly preferable to when we were in six figures for prolonged periods and it has allowed us to (basically safely) relax a lot of rules and our behavior; but it is not an all clear.

A lot depends on what we collectively do over the next few weeks. Masks, which I see fewer and fewer of, are still prudent in many settings. A fifth vaccination is readily and freely available for most Americans yet only about 15% (I am among them) have availed themselves of it.

Cold weather – which viruses love – has or is about to set in on large portions of the country. The holidays – and the gatherings they bring – are just around the corner. With a few precautions and prudent actions America can pretty much defeat COVID (many other countries are not so fortunate).

In the final analysis you are only responsible for your actions. Do the right thing and if enough of us collectively do so we will see the numbers go down, not up, after we inevitably leave the plateau. COVID may or may not be defeatable but in America it is certainly controllable with minimal effort. Do your part!

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  1. Every time I her ” if enough of us…” I cringe. History shows us that “enough of us” rarely do the right thing. Which makes it even more important for the prudent among us to continue our vigilance

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