Here Is But One Huge Difference

One of my pet peeves with politics is when I hear people say things along the lines of: All politicians are the same. Especially in today’s America there is a plethora of huge differences between most Republicans and most Democrats. I’ll briefly illustrate one today.

Tuesday morning’s newspapers told us that New York’s Democratic Lt. Governor, Brian Benjamin, had been arrested on charges relating to campaign finance violations. By the early evening those same newspapers were reporting that he had resigned. Arrest to resignation hardly took a full work day. Basically, Democrats have a zero tolerance policy for those who are credibly accused of a significant crime.

Recently the same papers reported that Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska was resigning after his conviction on similar charges. Fortenberry shot a video in his truck (I assume it was his truck) flanked by his wife denying everything after he was charged in the wake of an FBI investigation. Kevin McCarthy and the rest of House Republican leadership did nothing to oust him after indictment and arrest. (If you think Benjamin wasn’t pressured to leave you need to go feed those unicorns on your lawn. And Albany politicians, including Democrats, don’t exactly have a reputation of being pure as driven snow!)

Being non-partisan for a paragraph – a long time for me – the root problem is the undue influence of money in American politics. To oversimplify, both cheated when raising campaign funds and got caught. The difference is that because of “peer group pressure” the Democrat immediately resigned while the Republican lingered on; technically serving for a few days after his conviction.

This is only one difference between the two parties. To be honest while both are “with sin” the differences are similar to those between brilliant sunshine and a moonless, overcast night.

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