Here I Go Again

Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing its tail. Today’s article is another attempt at catching up on covering things I missed in the last few days that deserve a mention. I know I’ll never accomplish all I want to but let’s explore.

First Family Déjà vu

Tuesday first daughter and Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump unveiled the Trump administration’s plan to alleviate the massive unemployment America is currently experiencing. It boils down to find a new job. That will go down with Nancy Reagan’s “Just say No” and Melania Trump’s “Be best”. I predict it will also be as effective. Telling 18 million unemployed to “Find something new” in the midst of the Trump Depression doesn’t smack of genius to me.

Republican Déjà vu

Republicans have been screaming about voter fraud since about 2011 as part of their latest voter suppression effort. The biggest case of voter fraud in that time was the case of a Republican operative perpetrating a massive absentee ballot voter fraud in a Congressional race in North Carolina that ended with the Republican candidate who benefitting from the fraud withdrawing. A few years earlier a Republican aligned “public interest group” presented what they termed were over 30,000 cases of in person voter fraud to the North Carolina Board of Elections. After the Board investigated the allegations they found exactly zero cases of voter fraud. How can you go 0 for 30,000+?

As it has a tendency to do history appears to be repeating itself. The Kansas City Star reports that Republican Representative Steve Watkins has been charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor; all the alleged crimes involving voter fraud.

An Alternative For School Teachers

There are several actions that school teachers fearing for their and their family’s lives and health can take. Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy offered another during a Fox News interview. When questioned about their concerns relative to the reopening of schools and in person instructions during the pandemic he said “they can kiss my (posterior).” Only he didn’t use the word posterior. Evidentially Fox, unlike, doesn’t care about a PG rating.

Was Xavier The Hero?

Minutes before a court session into the matter was scheduled to begin the Trump administration backed down on their threat to invalidate the student visas of foreign students if they did not attend in person classes. Harvard and MIT filled suit several days ago, then they were joined by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra representing the University of California system. Over the next few hours after Becerra’s announcement 16 other states and the District of Columbia joined the lawsuit.

Keep in mind this is not the first time Becerra beat Trump in court. The most famous of his many victories is Department of Homeland Security v Regents of the University of California; better remembered as the recent DACA Supreme Court decision. If Kamala Harris ends up being the next Vice President or Attorney General don’t be surprised if Becerra is among the candidates for her Senate seat.


In a bizarre Rose Garden press availability where he took six minutes of questions in a session that lasted over an hour, President Trump indicated that if Joe Biden were elected he would eliminate windows in buildings. I know the preceding sentence is a bit difficult to read; it wasn’t easy to write. Trump, as is often the case, simply didn’t sound rational. I accuse him of living in the Donald Dome. I envision a transparent bubble like glass or plastic structure. Perhaps the perimeter is opaque not transparent. It was probably that left wing radicals (or as Trump called them left wing fascists) painted it black. FYI Mr. Trump – by definition fascism is a right wing political philosophy, but then reality doesn’t matter in the Donald Dome.

Sharpiegate II?

Trump scheduled a rally in an airplane hangar in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Coronapalooza-Portsmouth) for last Saturday. It was abruptly cancelled on short notice. The reason given was that Tropical Storm Fay was closing in on the area. That was contrary to all the credible weather reports which had the storm heading well east and out to sea. I monitored Portsmouth’s weather Saturday and there was occasional cloudiness but otherwise no problem. The daytime temperatures were in the 80’s. In fact the weather was very similar to the weather in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It was a very nice if somewhat hot day in Wake Forest, North Carolina on Saturday. I know I was there all day. I saw a lot of it through the window near my recliner. I’m glad Biden hasn’t had it removed yet.

I was hoping the press would question Trump on the issue. I expected another sharpie altered weather map produced as “evidence” because the event couldn’t possibly have been cancelled due to poor attendance projections; or could it have?

I missed a lot but I don’t want to get your blood pressure too high; your vote in needed this fall.

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