Here I Go Again

I could probably write a catch up article everyday and still not cover everything worth covering. Today I’m going to take another sure to be incomplete stab at it.

Sarah Palin In An Empty Suit

Mike Pence, like Sarah Palin before him, is struggling for relevance in the Republican Party including the self delusion that he is actually a viable candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.
I followed Pence’s career long before Trump rescued him and the Indiana GOP when he tapped him as his running mate in 2016. It appeared Pence was in big trouble winning another term as governor and the Indiana GOP was basically stuck with having to run him again.

Pence has always been a master of sounding sincere while peddling malarkey. For those old enough to remember the Leave It To Beaver show, he is the modern day political version of the Eddie Haskell character.

I never thought Pence was very bright (although he was smart enough to accept the “life preserver” Trump tossed him in 2016). His stupidity was proven to be at the Palin level when in their new book, Peril, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa revealed that Pence sought the advice of Dan Quayle when pondering whether he could overthrow the American government to please his political savior, Donald Trump. Would you go to Quayle for advice or trust Trump for that matter?

Casablanca On The Potomac

In a recent congressional hearing military leaders admitted that they had advised President Biden to keep troops in Afghanistan. The right wing media is making a big deal of that as if it were a surprising revelation. I liken it to the famous line from the film Casablanca where upon entering a casino the police official exclaims, “I’m shocked, shocked, to finds that gambling, is going on here.” Talk about a Captain Obvious moment!

It’s All About Freedom?

If you ask a Trumper why they are against vaccine mandates they will tell you it infringes on their freedom. I recently read George Parker’s book, Last Best Hope, and he questioned how people who supposedly value their personal freedom so much willingly surrendered it to Donald Trump. Enough said.

A Good Cultural Change I Anticipate

Americans have a go to work sick and suck it up culture. In doing so we expose others to whatever we have if it is contagious. (I guess I’m guilty both personally and as an encourager. Coaches love players who “play through the pain”.) Post-COVID I think we will error more on the side of caution.

Treating Female Athletes With Dignity

I look at professional sports largely from a business perspective. One of the sports where women have achieved some level of relative parity – and in both popularity and revenue, superiority – is soccer. They certainly deserve equal treatment, not sexual harassment! A long smoldering fire burst out into a multi-alarm blaze over the last few days in the National Women’s Soccer League (the American women’s pro league). Last weekend’s games were cancelled, several head coaches have lost their positions and the league’s commissioner resigned. At the risk of sounding sexist: You go girls!

One Case Getting Little Ink

I probably should have done an article about the Supreme Court’s new session opening on Monday. Come to think of it, one article would have been insufficient. There will be several rulings that have the potential to remake America and yes, I’m scared.

An obscure case has made it to the high court courtesy of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz. I will predict that he will prevail and in their ruling the Court will exacerbate the largest non-partisan problem in American politics – the influence of money.

On the last day of his 2018 Senate campaign Cruz lent his campaign (which had over $2 million on hand) $260,000. Current law allows a campaign to pay back a loan from a candidate with funds raised after the election up to $250,000. The whole scenario was an obvious setup. The loan was unnecessary and all that Cruz “risked” was $10,000, hardly more than the cost of a family Cancun getaway.

OK, I failed miserably again today but it’s time for me to go and you have other things to do today.

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  1. I don’t get it. Did Ted Cruz get more back in interest than the $10,000 he lost from his “loan”?

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