Have The Stupid Wars Begun?

I don’t know that there has ever been a candidate I totally disagreed with including the 2016 version of Donald Trump. One of the few things I liked that came out of his mouth was “No more stupid wars.” Unfortunately that has proven to be a lie. I am wondering if several haven’t already started on multiple fronts with more in the wings. Let’s explore.

Although the United States didn’t start this war it is unquestionable that our democracy is under attack from Russia. The weapons are not tanks and troops but cyber weapons. The big issue is that Trump is doing nothing to defend our democracy. On the contrary he is inviting future and continued interference while denying it exists. I suggest there is no more stupid war than one you refuse to defend yourself in. Don’t be surprised if new fronts open in 2020.

The trade war with China has proven to be anything but easy to win. In fact it appears we have “shot a lot more of our guns” than China has. The Feds recent rate cutting is a glaring example of how badly it is going for America. If the economy is the best ever as Trump would have us believe then why the rate cut? This was definitely a war Trump started. Worse yet he started it without a strategy of how to prosecute and more importantly win it. In the vernacular that is pretty stupid.

While Trump touts some strange love affair he is having with Kim Jung-un the situation with North Korea becomes more dangerous on an almost daily basis. This is certainly not a war Trump started. There is plenty of blame to be shared by several administrations of both political parties. Not to be lost in the shuffle is that it appears we are somewhat abandoning longtime ally Japan in favor of North Korea. Economic war with China while North Korea is one stunt away from becoming a very hot spot; I don’t see this one ending well if we stay on our current course.

Under Trump Middle East policy has largely been the responsibility of first son-in-law Jared Kushner. Kushner’s main concern has been maintaining ties with financiers for his extended family’s business projects. This was already a multiple front war with no end in sight when Trump took over and if anything he has exacerbated an already bad situation. When you put unqualified people with corrupt intent in charge is it reasonable to expect a better outcome?

Some time ago I put forth the theory that Trump would be willing to start a war if he thought it would enhance his chances of reelection. I’m afraid I might be behind the events on multiple foreign fronts. Here is the really scary part: I never mentioned the domestic fronts.

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  1. Trump is, arguably, the greatest con man in our history. He cares nothing about the U.S. He is a vulture capitalist. And he describes himself as “the king of debt”. He cares only about himself. Sadly, like all con men, he has a talent for convincing a large ignorant audience. Let us hope that, before he completely destroys this country, he will suffer the same fate as Elmer Gantry.

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