Harry Said It Best!

After looking at the today’s title my regular readers probably think I’m building this article around a Harry Truman quote. Today I’m seizing the words of Capital Police Officer Harry Dunn. Last week Tuesday the House Select Committee on 1/6 held its first session. I expected a semi-ho hum session. I was wrong!

Chairman Bennie Thompson concluded the session by asking the four law enforcement officers present to make closing statements outlining what they would like to see the Committee accomplish. To me, Dunn stole the show when he compared the mob to a hitman and said that when a mobster hires a hitman both go to jail. Several times over the recent past I have referred to the 45th president as Don Trump; not the familiar form of his first name, but as a Mafia Don. Trump acted like a gangster (and has for decades). I have often remarked that real mobsters have to be laughing at what an incompetent wannabe mobster Trump was and still is. His administration was little more than an organized criminal enterprise and an incredibly unsuccessful one at that.

In this case (in the short run anyway) Trump did the real mobsters one better. A mobster often hires and pays a hitman to do his dirty work leaving his hands apparently clean and himself with plausible deniability. Trump, who has a history of doing everything on the cheap and with other people’s (OP) money, didn’t pay the hitmen. He “motivated” (I’m keeping my PG rating in mind) most of them into doing his dirty work for free. My suspicion is that to a great degree using OP money for the key people.

Capital Police Sargent Aquiliano Gonell testified that the mob kept telling the law enforcement officers, “Trump sent us.” As if that justified their presence and actions, but it was a clear giveaway as to motivation. Any American with a grade school level knowledge of civics and government would know that the Capital Building belongs to the Legislative Branch and that the President is part of the Executive Branch. It would be like me telling you that you can just walk into my neighbor’s house. The “permission” is worthless; but expecting that mob to have that sophisticated of a knowledge of American government is an unrealistic expectation.

The hearing was eye opening in that among other things it has become increasingly apparent that the assault on the Capital Building on January 6th was at it’s core organized. I’ve held a baseball bat in my hands thousands of times in my life. I’ve attended my fair share of political rallies. But I’ve never taken a baseball bat to a political rally. Why would I? Keep in mind the preceding was just one, and certainly not the strongest, article of evidence that the attack was not a spontaneous event.

The Don in question who hired the hitmen (and a few hitwomen) was Donald Trump. He viewed January 6th as his last “legitimate” chance to rig the 2020 election and stay in power. He did not operate alone and something this big had to have been financed. Trump famously does not spend his own money. One of the regrets I have in life dates back to 1987. At that time, I was reading a lot of business books. When Trump’s The Art of the Deal came out, I soon bought it in hardcover and read it. The book was purported to illustrate his business genius. It was all malarkey! Basically, Trump talked about all the deals he made using grants and OP money. As time went on many of those “successes” went bust. You don’t have to be a business genius to put deals, many of which eventually turn out to be failures, together with OP money. His only talent was as a con artist – he got me on that book.

While the assault was still in progress many people with knowledge of the Capital Building told me that it smelled of an inside job. I have a suggestion for several Republican members of Congress: wear dark suits; the wet spots don’t show up as prominently on TV. Maybe their complicity explains their reluctance and obstruction of the investigation.

I have to recognize the best snarky comment I’ve heard in conjunction with this event. The award goes to Eric Swalwell. He nicknamed the Republican House Whip “Elise in Wonderland.” Is Wonderland where right wing mythology is located? Stefanik pleased her base when she attacked Nancy Pelosi for being responsible for the security of the Capital Building and therefore for the insurrection. One problem with that – it is not accurate; the Speaker of the House is not in charge of building security for the Capital Building.

Sometimes you can live by following old adages. In this case I think Officer Dunn led us to one – follow the money!

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