Hang On! It’s 2018

If you are reading this it means we made it into the New Year. My advice is that you fasten your seatbelts because I expect it to be a rocky ride! In reverse order here are my predictions for the five biggest stories of 2018. I sincerely hope I am incorrect on number one!

I expect terrorism to be the fifth biggest story of 2018. I include both foreign and domestic terrorism both of which are certain to continue. Western intelligence agencies have done great work in thwarting international terrorism despite facing two challenges. How do you stop a lone wolf and the combination of Trump’s ego and diminutive attention span? The current administration has yet to recognize the fact that we have a domestic terrorism problem. Could that be because the perpetrators are almost all white and mostly influenced by right wing mythology?

I will surprise a lot of my readers but I only have the mid-term elections at number four. Control of the House and/or the Senate could change, but I’m still skeptical of that at this point. In any event I expect plenty of new faces in the next Congress. Should the Democrats take the Senate Mitch McConnell will still be the Republicans’ leader and he is proven to be a master at obstruction. Add to that the fact that the Republicans will still control the White House and not even the most optimistic progressive is predicting veto proof majorities. The races and results will provide fodder for many articles but even in a best case scenario for the Democrats the Republicans will be in a great position to obstruct.

The omnipresent Donald Trump will be in the news daily. I’m well beyond predicting specifically what he will do. I still expect him to exit the White House (like Nixon) via resignation. I believe the Mueller investigation (the only one that has credibility and matters) is closer to the beginning than the end. I will have no shortage of material as long as Trump occupies the Oval Office.

Russiagate and other scandals will provide the number two story. Some of those scandals will be associated with Russiagate. Think of the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise specializing in international money laundering and you will always be on the right track. Baring his death, I expect Trump will still be in office at 2018’s end. I think our current plethora of sexual misconduct scandals will continue well into 2018. As I previously wrote, this is another centipede.

My fear is that the number one story will be military conflict with North Korea. I sincerely hope I am all wet! If we get into a military confrontation with North Korea it could easily turn nuclear and even if it doesn’t it is difficult to envision a scenario that didn’t include hundreds of thousands of casualties. It could even morph into World War III with some strange and unanticipated bedfellows. Kim and Trump are both insane. Who knows how a tweet or statement could be interpreted across the globe. Who knows what hidden agendas might reveal themselves; (like Putin wanting to “reconstitute” the old USSR or Iran wanting to take over the entire Middle East.)

OK, that is depressing enough and you may well be hungover. It’s time for you to turn your attention to other things. Thanks for your continued reading!

It has become my practice to take the end of the year off from writing. Therefore today’s article was written well before publishing.

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