H W’s last Victory?

Saturday we awoke to the news that former President George H.W. Bush had died. There will be a memorial service for the late President Bush at the National Cathedral in Washington DC on Wednesday. Friday the federal government is slated to run out of money. Although this juxtaposition of facts has gotten little press it may have a major impact on America in 2018 and 2019. Let’s explore.

I feel I owe my readers a brief word on my opinion of the late President Bush. I never voted for him opting instead for Michael Dukakis in 1988 and Bill Clinton in 1992. Bush 41 was a mediocre president which makes him one of the two best Republican presidents of my lifetime. His major achievement was successfully steering us through the uncertainty of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the former USSR. I bet he listened to the CIA.

Going into this week Congress has been unable to come up with a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the lights on mainly over the issue of President Trump wanting $5 billion for his asinine wall. Trump declared Wednesday a National Day of Mourning which also happens to be the day of the memorial service at the National Cathedral.

The word coming out of Washington is that since Congress looking at a particularly short work week (if you can call what they do a work week) it is contemplating a “short punt”. They want to put together a CR that will last either 7 or 10 days. The theory is that in that time they can put together a CR that can run the government for several months or to the end of the fiscal year. That means the “short punt” would last until Friday December 14th or Monday December 17th. Looking at the calendar, lawmakers are going to want to get out of Washington on Thursday the 19th, Friday the 20th at the latest. I assume Trump will hear the golf course calling loud and clear at about that same time. By now the Republicans, who really control Congress, have to know Trump and his wall are both insane. I think if they squeeze him into an eleventh hour decision between signing a CR sans wall funding and a government shutdown over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays they can call his bluff. They may add some money to Homeland Security or ICE and Trump can call it a wall.

The bottom line is that America may well be much better off with the deadline moved from December 7th to the 14th or 17th. Regardless of the fact that I never voted for him or agreed with many of his policies George H.W. Bush did spend most of his adult life serving America. It is just possible that his death will enable his greatest service and victory.

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