Grossly Insufficient

Tuesday Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced he was suspending implementing the policies that were killing the USPS until at least after Election Day. That is misleading, grossly insufficient and insulting to anyone with an IQ above room temperature! Let’s explore.  

During his brief time in command of the Postal Service, DeJoy has made a concerted effort to make the word “service” a joke. The American people, including belatedly some Republicans in positions of power, have risen up to complain. In an effort to slow down the mail DeJoy has among other things, removed mail collection boxes and high speed sorting machines along with making overtime to maintain service levels (a USPS practice for decades) a thing of the past.

Tuesday he announced that no more collection boxes or high speed sorting machines would be removed and that overtime would be authorized as needed. I’d like to dive into those things.

Montana is the state where we have the best data at this point. In several small Montana cities (there are no large cities in Montana) between 40 and 50% of the collection boxes have been removed. Note DeJoy says he’ll suspend the practice but nothing was said about putting those mailboxes back in place before the election or ever for that matter. This is kind of like barring the barn door after the horse ran away. The real problem is the missing horse and that very much still exists.

We have (albeit anecdotal) evidence of at least some of the sorting machines being destroyed in the process of being basically thrown out with the trash. Again, nothing has been said about replacing the diminished sorting capacity before Election Day. In fact if the anecdotal evidence is true that may well be physically impossible at this point. I liken this situation to the neighborhood delinquent tearing up your front lawn by doing donuts on it and when caught promising not to do it anymore. What about the damaged lawn. Are you just supposed to live with it and say “Thank you”?

As to the issue of overtime are we to just trust DeJoy’s word? Who will determine if the overtime is needed? This is a non-solution, solution! We are being asked to trust the person who messed it up (PG rating, remember) in the first place to now be honest and diligent.

Remember there is another agenda here in addition to (perhaps ill-advised from a partisan Republican standpoint) voter suppression. There is a movement to ruin the USPS in an effort to privatize its more profitable functions while leaving the people stuck with the terminally unprofitable functions. It’s the privatize the profits and socialize the losses gambit.

Louis DeJoy is a Trump sycophant. Donald Trump is stupid yet thinks he is smart and the rest of us are the stupid ones. Individually we are certainly less powerful than Trump (collectively may be another matter) but that doesn’t make him smart. He is powerful; because he is relatively rich and he is rich because he was born that way. If he wasn’t a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club he would never be in the government housing he is today.

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