GOP – Where From Here?

When the truth is found to be lies,

And all the joy within you dies,

Don’t you want somebody to love,

Don’t you need somebody to love,

Wouldn’t you love somebody to love,

You better find somebody to love


Those are the opening lines of the Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 hit, Somebody to Love, which Grace Slick belted out.  That song posed a lot of questions that today’s Republican Party should be asking itself.  Let’s explore.

For starters you may be wondering why someone like me cares about the future of the GOP. It is certainly true that I could not have found a home there for the past 100 years or so.  However, before I am a progressive or a Democrat I am an American and our system needs two viable political parties to function anywhere near optimally.

The GOP’s recent problem became exacerbated in the aftermath of the 2008 election when the welcomed the Tea Party into their tent. That ended up being a hostile takeover.

The large clown car of mostly similar presidential wannabes in 2016 allowed Donald Trump to slip in as the nominee when the party failed to coalesce around a more qualified candidate. I could write a book about that but I have to move on.

The bottom line is that a lot of nutcases basically co-opted the Republican Party and its access to ballot lines, (along with the word conservative – there is nothing conservative about anarchy). Now Trump has completed the destruction and the party is set for internal strife that it may not be able to survive.

Now to the song:

Even those who have either stifled themselves or consumed the Kool Aid are realizing that Donald Trump’s “truths” were all a pack of lies (I’m in a rock reference mood today).

To many current Republican voters Trump was somebody to believe in. I have consistently compared his organized criminal enterprise (a/k/a administration) to 1930 European fascists.  In four years he managed to lose the House of Representatives, White House and Senate for the GOP.  Increasingly I think his theme song should be I’m A Loser.  In politics the premium is on winning and Trump has not proven to be a winner for his “team”.   That has to be a joy killer.

There is an old adage in American politics that Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line. In following a cult type figure the “supplemental Republicans” displayed their want and need for a figure to fall in love with.  Trump’s large ego coupled with his small IQ and diminutive business acumen made him a perfect fit.  The problem was that he couldn’t deliver.

These “supplemental voters” need a cult figure to worship and since the GOP is not currently showing any signs of willingness to purge itself of them they need to find somebody new to love.

If the Republicans make the mistake of keeping their new voters in the fold they are in desperate need of finding somebody to love. The “newbies” know little of policy and care about it even less.  They are the losers and suckers typical of cult followers and just need somebody new to love.

The Republicans Party, and in the process the nation, would be best served if they simply allowed the radical element to walk away and simultaneously move back to the center-right. That doesn’t appear to be happening.  A few days ago at the Republican National Committee’s meetings on Amelia Island, Florida they reelected their current leadership headed by Chair Ronna McDaniel, (She dropped the Romney as in Mitt Romney a bit ago).  Family heritage aside, McDaniel is a Trump sycophant and was his handpicked person for the job.

It will be interesting to see what path the GOP takes over the next few years. To paraphrase another rock era song they appear to be on the eve of self-destruction.

Just for the record – and the satisfaction of my Baby Boomer readers – back in the day I certainly did think Grace Slick was a tough chick.

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  1. This is what becomes of a civilization which values profit over intelligence. Donald ran as a Republican because, as he said,: “they have the dumbest voters”. The neglect of public education, together with the privatization of it, has brought us to this ignorant point. It is a sad time. And I fear the next week will be even sadder and more destructive than we saw last Wednesday. Good luck to all of us.

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