GOP Riggin’ ’24

“Rigged election”. In recent years, how many times have you heard a Republican claim that either after they lost an election, it became apparent they were going to lose one and often in both cases? Well, I was slow to get to the point of actually writing it, but it is now just too obvious that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has rigged the 2024 primary so that only Donald Trump can win.

In the run-up to the voting several debates were held. Trump dodged all of them. Not only did the RNC not punish him, they tolerated him running counterprograming which right wing disinformation networks (in pursuit of ratings) were only too happy to broadcast. If the RNC were truly a fair umpire they would have compelled Trump to participate in their debates, punished him when he didn’t and certainly would not have allowed the counterprograming.

There was a debate scheduled for just prior to the 2024 New Hampshire Republican Primary. It was scrapped when Trump, (along with Nikki Haley supposedly in reaction to him), declined their invitations. For the record, Ron DeSantis offered to debate two empty podiums. Despite the fact that it would have given “Kinky Boots” DeSantis an opportunity to look good the network wisely declined and cancelled the event. (This is a time that the ratings chase saved us.)

As Sun Tzu taught us, this battle was won well before it was fought. Trump may not be very bright but some bright (albeit evil) people have advised him over the years. People like, but not limited to, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.

One of the first things Trump did was install Ronna Romney McDaniel (in deference to Trump she dropped the Romney) as RNC Chair. Ever since then the RNC may as well be known as the TNC (Trump National Committee). When you control the rules committee and the officials you usually win the game.

In Illinois presidential candidates (including Trump in 2016 and 2020) have for decades signed a pledge not to advocate overthrowing of the government. Seems simply enough. This time Trump refused to sign it. Now there are a lot of grey area policy issues that candidates must deal with. Most politicians try to dodge them as much as possible. But overthrowing the government?

Don’t be surprised if there are no presidential debates in the general this year. I see Trump dodging them and blaming that on the “fact” that he has to be in court because of the “Biden prosecutions”. That, of course, is a collection of lies but since when has the truth mattered to Trump or his low information base?

Pencil him in boys and girls. Donald Trump will be the 2024 GOP Presidential nominee. The only thing that can stop Trump, other than his death, is Trump.

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