Giving A Damn

“I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ babies.” That is one of the most memorable lines in the 1939 film classic Gone with the Wind. It also reasonably accurately sums up my knowledge and that of most men of mine, and several other, generations. That said, I have learned a lot since the Supreme Court overturned Roe.

When I first sat down to pen this, I thought I’d go through many of the horror stories. Then I thought better of it. Many women have already done a much better job than I would; I’ll highlight two. In her July 19th New York Times column entitled, The Anti-abortion Movement’s Contempt for Women Is Much Worse Than I Imagined, fellow native western new yorker and SUNY-Buffalo alum Michelle Goldberg highlighted (that word doesn’t feel correct here) many of the women’s lives that have been endangered in just the few weeks since Roe was overturned and specifically because it was. In her Monday July 18th show, Rachel Maddow did much the same. I’d suggest you look both up online.

Typical of the recent version of the Republican Party – and make no mistake the Republicans are responsible for this mess – they failed to consider the consequences of their actions. Their latest strategy seems to be denial. In recent congressional committee testimony, an anti-choice witness came up with a definition of abortion that was so convoluted that it would take a verbal contortionist to try to explain it. To use a good old Irish explanation, it was malarkey.

I’ll be 70 before this summer is over and my wife’s conception days are in the rear view mirror so you might ask why do I care. I’ve learned a few lessons thus far in this journey called life and one of them is that it’s not all about me or my personal situation. I inherited a lot as a human on planet earth and I have a responsibility to those I leave behind, kinfolk or otherwise. Closer to home I do have grandchildren who have female “inner organs”. Call me a softy, but I very much care about them. I also care about the little kids I enjoy watching play some of whom will someday soon be capable of conception.

The pro-life label these idiots (I can’t call them anything but) embrace is a joke! What is pro-life about giving women the alternative of giving birth even if it entails unnecessarily risking death in the process?

Today, I won’t even touch on the position it puts medical professionals in.

I’m a bit angry today as my regular readers probably can detect. I’ll be relatively short and conclude by playing off my movie reference one more time and declaring frankly, I do give a damn!

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  1. I keep hoping they’ll go too far on something and the people will finally wake up. Maybe this is the time.

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