Future Reading?

The election is a week from today for someone like me who writes about politics on a daily basis that is both a welcome relieve and a challenge. For more than a year this election has supplied more material than I could possibly cover. Sadly much of it was scandal and innuendo with very little substantive policy. Hopefully this election will result in several books being written that I am looking forward to reading. I’ll outline a few of them today.

At noon on January 20th Vice President Joe Biden will conclude a long career in public office. Biden has never gotten the respect he deserves from the American public. He is one of the most decent people ever to occupy high office in America and he is also one of the most knowledgeable. I hope he writes a memoir! If he does I’ll be certain to order an advance copy.

A book that is almost certain to come out and outsell the Biden book is an Obama White House memoir. While I have disagreed with the President on a few issues overall I think he did an amazing job. Just how much he will be able to reveal shortly after leaving office is questionable but there should be plenty of tales worth reading. Most of the public will want the Obama book more; I’ll buy both but look forward to reading the Biden book which will cover a much longer career.

Now we get into the 2016 campaign itself. The book I hope comes out is an inside story on the Jeb Bush campaign. Governor Bush was far and away the most electable candidate the Republicans had. He also enjoyed a huge money advantage, is Republican “royalty” and had the at least the quiet support of much of the GOP establishment. How did he run such an ineffective and ultimately failed campaign? Was it a perfect storm of a huge field and the GOP grassroots rebelling against the Party or was it just a flat out bad campaigner and campaign? The political junkie in me wants to know.

Of course there is the tell all from within the Trump campaign. Was it really a campaign or a publicity stunt that spiraled out of control? Did it morph into a scam and setup for Trump TV or was that the goal from the beginning? The biggest challenge I see to publishing this book is who is going to write it? Is there anyone who has been at a high level of the campaign from its inception to Election Day not named Trump? If so, were they really privy to Trump’s thinking? Furthermore, is Trump capable of and was he thinking?

A book that would be fascinating to political junkies and could well become a reality is a tell all from inside the Republican National Committee. The RNC has been doing a balancing act for months since it became apparent that Trump was a serious contender for the nomination and then won it. The 17 passenger clown car just got worse over time. The RNC had often conflicting loyalties among establishment Republicans, the Tea Party, the various campaigns, putting out Trump ignited fires, trying to protect down ballot 2016 Republican candidates and keeping the Party together.

Well November is upon us and I’m looking forward to being able to write policy pieces in the near future. There should be some interesting reading for us political junkies coming in the next six months.

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