From Russia With Malice Aforethought


It is now at the point that only a fool would believe that Russia did not hack American computer systems, steal information and facilitate its release with the intent of influencing the American election. Notably, the President-elect doesn’t believe it. When quizzed about it he told Time, “I don’t believe they interfered.” I go back to the phrase in the opening sentence, “Only a fool”. Let’s explore.

The American intelligence community led by the CIA and FBI has concluded that the Russian hacked the DNC and RNC’s computer systems. Information purloined from the DNC was subsequently released to Wikileaks which made that information available to the world, especially American voters. This is an old KGB trick and we must remember that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s old job was heading the KGB. Here are two real dangers not often spoken of: what was lost in the “translation” as the information changed hands and was the information the Russians handed over to Wikileaks in any way altered?

The only real “controversy” in the American intelligence community is to Russia’s intent. All agencies have reached the conclusion that the Russians were behind the hacking. The FBI, being more of a law enforcement agency, isn’t as quick to assign motive as the other groups are. You can believe that the Russian spy agencies were simply tired of playing chess so they decided to hack Americans and then just gave the material to Wikileaks because they lacked a place to store it. I don’t buy that scenario!

I’m not using this as an excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost the election. It and many other “dirty tricks” definitely played a role but in the final analysis in elections like sports you have to concentrate on what you can control. It’s like blaming a close loss on a bad call by an official. I guess I was hard on myself and my kids when I coached but I would tell my guys that they never should have let the game get so close that a bad call or two could beat them. (Note: Expect more on this topic in the near future.)

My concern runs much deeper. We have an incoming President who has an adversarial relationship with the intelligence agencies that are charged with providing him with information on which to base critical decisions. For the most part Trump refuses the information and is now openly mocking the agencies. Not only does Trump lack the personal intelligence necessary to do the job he is about to undertake, he rejects the intelligence reports that will be made available to him. Where is he going to get his information? Breitbart or Infowars?

Trump may not be alone in his denial which actually gives credence to the conclusion that Russia was trying to interfere on Trump’s behalf. The RNC is emphatically denying they were also hacked. Their “proof” is that no information hacked from the RNC was made public. If the Russians could hack the DNC; why not the RNC? Putin has been playing Trump like the fool he is for some time now. Why do you think the Russians wanted Trump to win? If Putin controls a lot of negative information about Trump and the Republicans whose support Trump needs don’t you think Putin will use it to blackmail/control Trump?

A man who knows what he doesn’t know and surrounds himself with people that do know it and inform him of it is an executive. A man who thinks he knows what he doesn’t know, but needs to know in order to do is job is a dangerous fool! The score to date is: Putin 1, Trump a big fat zero!

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