From Comment To Shock

The genesis of today’s article is a comment from longtime friend and frequent reader Jeff McKnight. It simply read, “Just curious…who paid for McCarthy’s trip to Mar a Lago?”  As it turns out so was I and this was the stimulus I needed to do some research.  The answer is somewhat incomplete but was certainly shocking.

For background last week Republican House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, went to Mar-a-Lago to meet with former President Donald Trump. Especially considering Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate is about to begin that was strange.  As I got deeper that is the least of the oddities.

McCarthy’s office claimed that the trip was just a sideline diversion because McCarthy was traveling to the area on a fundraising trip. Considering his position he is a draw especially for deep pocketed GOP donors.  I’ll accept that statement as substantially true.

That leads me to a conclusion as to who ultimately paid for the trip. It most likely was the RCCC or the RNC.  It was accounted for as a campaign fundraising related expense.  I could not confirm that for gospel truth but it is logical.  It was what I discovered in the process of investigation that shocked me.

McCarthy has lunch with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. McCarthy picked up the tab.  I would bet my last dollar that he personally didn’t pay it – it would have also been expensed off.  The tab for lunch was over $700.00.  That is an outrageously expensive lunch even if it included the biggest piece of chocolate cake you ever saw.  (I cannot confirm the dessert menu or even if it was served.)  The part that got me was a line on the check for “Administrative Charge” at $600.00.  To add insult to injury Mar-a-Lago didn’t even validated McCarthy’s parking ticket so parking ended up costing an additional $90.00.  We now have an $800.00+ lunch.

If you follow the money – even to the limited extent that publically available information allows you to – you know that starting with the 2016 campaign and continuing into the administration Trump’s efforts were little more than an organized criminal enterprise running a skimming and extortion racket. This incident proves that the scam continues.  Evidentially the price of lunch with Trump is $600 plus parking and food for two.

I guess there are two pieces of good news Jeff. First the American taxpayers didn’t pay for the trip.  Second since we are smart enough to not donate to Trump, the Republican Party or any of its “wings” we didn’t either.  There is a new early 21st century American definition of a complete fool – someone who donates to those entities.

I will admit that I was shocked at my discoveries. The reality is that I shouldn’t have been.  Isn’t it interesting how a purportedly fiscal conservative finds it so easy to freely spend other people’s money?

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  1. Thanx for the shout out, Larry…and the great (too short) chat the other day. This is exactly the sort of scam which screams for elimination of money in politics (Citizens United, et al), to be replaced by public funding of campaigns. It’s probably too complex a solution to ever become reality. But increased scrutiny is certainly overdue.

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