Free Patriotism Only

The Democrats like to describe themselves as a big tent Party and that is accurate. The Republicans do the same but their only diversity is between the big bucks people who finance it and the racists who make up the majority of their base these days.

The frustrating irony for most Democrats is that the majority of the people who vote Republican are actually acting against their self-interest in doing so. What they are doing is electing people who are beholden to and represent the interests of the greedy who exploit the average Joe in search of another nickel they didn’t really need in the first place. They sell them on supporting the GOP mainly by playing to the prejudices many Americans have. The Republicans’ coded message is that they unlike the Democrats will not give your hard earned money to “those people”. That is to a great degree true. Republican legislators generally vote against all social safety net programs. They are still trying to destroy Social Security more than 80 after its initial passage. That does not mean they don’t try to transfer wealth; they transfer it from the masses to the elites that finance their campaigns.

The money transfers are largely via lobbyists. One of the largest and most influential lobbying organizations for the super-rich is the United States Chamber of Commerce. This is not to be confused with your local Chamber of Commerce which more often than not is a collection of small business person who are trying to collectively promote and grow the community they live and work in. The local people are almost always good guys and gals who give back in the process of making a few bucks and employing local folks.

Corporate inversion has become a common practice among the big boys. In a thumbnail, it is when an American corporation buys a foreign firm moving their headquarters overseas in an effort to avoid American taxes.

The Obama administration via the Treasury Department has tried to crack down on the practice in an effort to keep jobs and tax revenue in America. Legislative efforts were stonewalled by the Republicans (return on investment for their financiers) leaving the President with no option other than executive action.

The big boys of greed were not to be outmaneuvered by a President they couldn’t buy so they took a different route. Thursday the United States Chamber of Commerce filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. I don’t think this particular court was chosen by happenstance. Texas courts are among the most conservative and “business friendly” in the nation. This was a classic case of judge shopping. They are hoping to get a favorable initial ruling meaning any appeal has a higher bar to clear. Judges hate to be overruled and those on higher courts think long and hard before they overrule a lower court’s decision.

The Republicans have long claimed they were the patriots and the Democrats just tore America down. (Donald Trump’s campaign and last month’s convention in Cleveland have tarnished that claim quite a bit.) Yet when confronted with the choice of being honest about where they are headquartered and earn their money or paying lower taxes by buying what is often a smaller company just to basically do a reverse merger and move their accounting base to a foreign land they jump at the latter and forsake the former.

Until recently corporate inversion was totally legal and unobstructed. The Obama administration is trying to plug that loophole. For much of their base the GOP’s appeal is thinly veiled racism – under Trump, very thinly veiled! I really don’t think the money people are motivated by racism; they are just motivated by greed which is equally immoral. They are willing to be patriots as long as there is no cost to them.

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