Fourth Down

Like most Americans (and certainly liberals) I have a lot of issues with policing in America. If I had to reduce the problem to a single phase it would be police culture. Perhaps its my white, male and senior citizen privileges showing (although often denied and seldom spoke of they all exist) but I still believe that the majority of street cops are at their core good guys and gals. As of this writing one of them fights for his life and that’s just not right!

Early Monday morning there was a mass shooting at a downtown Louisville, Kentucky bank. The police responded within three minutes and they actually took action not just stood around as in the recent Uvalde, Texas school shooting. In doing so they most likely saved lives – their job.

One of those responding front line police officers was Nickolas Witt. The 26-year-old Witt was pulling his fourth shift having graduated from the police academy 10 days prior. He was among the seriously wounded. The offending bullet was fired from a legally owned assault style rifle. So much for the good guy with a gun theory unless you don’t think Witt is a good guy.

I have to think that Witt’s fourth shift will be his last patrol shift. Should he live I don’t foresee a lot of street shifts in his future. Football is a game and fourth down happens. This is real life and fourth down takes on a whole new meaning for Officer Witt.

If the above weren’t bad enough the reality is that under current Kentucky law the weapon that probably ended his street cop career – and hopefully not his life – will someday be auctioned off to  “live” again. Hopefully it doesn’t “find” a good guy with a gun.

When will we learn?

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