It’s late Monday morning September 27, 2021 as I pen this and I’m feeling especially fortunate to be an American. I do a lot of complaining in this column and I feel justifiably so. Today I want to be all smiles and advice.

Earlier this morning I went to my local pharmacy and received my third COVID vaccine shot. I was about as painless as possible. I did not need an appointment; I simply walked up to the counter and the entire process was over in about a hour. The young lady who greeted me had me fill out two short forms, punched some buttons on her computer, worked through a (I assume) minor glitch, had me sit down and wait my turn.

The pharmacist was a joy to work with and I hardly felt the injection. In addition, she passed along a tip that I want to share.

I’m basically nerdy and had my paperwork in order. That includes a backup picture of my CDC vaccination card on my phone. Cards are cards and can be lost. On the advice of my wife I have a backup photo of both of our vaccination cards on my phone as does she. When I mentioned that to the pharmacist she told me that in some cases where people had lost their card she was able to “reconstruct” replacement cards with the aid of the photo. Bottom line: back up your vaccination card with a mobile phone photo.

COVID-19 has already killed millions worldwide and the end doesn’t appear to be imminent. In America we have an abundant supply of a highly effective vaccine that is widely available to everyone over 12 and at no out-of-pocket cost. Because of my age I am among the first Americans eligible for a third dose (which may or may not be necessary for younger Americans – data results pending). Of course, there is a cost but that is being borne by us collectively.

To think there is a sizeable minority who are choosing not to be vaccinated is in my mind proof of the existence of the low end of the intelligence bell curve. A lifesaving vaccine is conveniently available at no out-of-pocket cost and people are rejecting it.

I’m feel fortunate to be an America and I’m smart enough to take advantage of that fact.

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  1. And now there are increasing complaints about the mandatory vaccinations against MMR Whooping cough, etc. The Bell curve is pretty much a flat line now.

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