Following Fools’ Money

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” That adage was first penned by Thomas Tusser in 1557 and it still rings true today. The other day the February FEC filings became public and I’d like to comment on them today.

As of the end of February Donald Trump’s Save America PAC had over $110 million in the bank. By comparison the DNC (at $52.9 million) and the RNC (at $45.5 million) combined had less cash on hand. In reality candidates of both parties have other sources of funding, but the fact that one non-office holder has more cash on hand in a PAC structured basically as his personal piggy bank than both major parities combined is distressing. Add to that the fact that the RNC is paying some of Trump’s legal bills including from legal issues from well before he was president.

In February (the shortest month of the year) Trump (not currently a declared candidate) took in $3.5 million while spending only $1.2 million. The largest expenditures were for legal counsel for high profile January 6th witnesses, not to help Trump endorsed candidates. Trump has never really been one to put his money – and once you donate to his PAC he considers it his personal money – where his mouth is. Trump is attempting to suppress the revelation of the truth and a collection of unwitting fools are paying for it.

I have long written that the Trump operations, including his administration, have to be viewed as an organized criminal enterprise. Donating to the Save America PAC is like giving a Mafia Don a slush fund. There are several adjectives to describe such a donor and I submit that “fool” would certainly be one of them.

A more accurate name for Trump’s PAC would be the “Save” America From Democracy PAC because that appears to be its main objective. Remember that historically democracies die from within.

Evidentially Mr. Tusser’s statement is also true in the collective. My only question is which will get to Trump first – death or justice? He has a lot of fools enabling him.

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