Follow The Money (Your Money As It Leaves You)

This is an article you may want to show your Republican neighbors. Moral arguments usually don’t do well with them. If, after Trump, they are still Republicans they are probably amoral at best. Today’s argument is financial and they understand money – however not as well as they think they do.

The “audit” in Arizona is back on after taking a week off for high school graduations. I try to keep these articles between 400 and 1,000 words (sometimes more successfully than others) so I simply do not have the space to cover all the comics. Here are the two main bottom lines: the whole thing is a scam and the Cyber Ninjas are about as qualified to do an election audit as I am to preform brain surgery, (I didn’t even go to medical school).

Part of the cost – the amount of which has never been publically disclosed – was covered by the Arizona State Senate via Arizona taxpayers’ money. Countless other dollars have been raised from fools (a/k/a Trumpublican donors). Obviously, it is proving profitable for the scam artists (undoubtedly including the former president) with their fingers in the pie. So much so that it is about to expand.

A judge has ruled that a group of concerned citizens will be able to “audit” the 145,000 odd ballots cast absentee in Fulton County, Georgia. At least in this case the concerned citizens are only getting photocopies of the actual ballots. (I guess they won’t be able to check for bamboo.) Unlike in Arizona, the ballots will remain secure.
The chain of custody in Arizona will cost the taxpayers of Arizona million before this is over. All the voting machines were turned over for that “audit” and are now totally unsecure and useless in further elections. As an aside, did you know that China granted an Ivanka Trump owned company a trademark for manufacturing voting machines? If that doesn’t get some light what a scam opportunity! Maricopa County is suing the State of Arizona over the coming bill. In any event taxpayers will end up picking up the tab.

There is talk of expanding this clown show to several other states. No thinking person is putting any weight in any conclusion these “audits” will reach. They will not change anything; Joe Biden is the president of the United States, period! The only way Donald Trump will again be president is by winning a terrifying but longshot reelection. However if your only real goal is making money without working for it, this is a great gambit and that is why it is not only continuing but expanding.

The people who are profiting don’t care about the futility or the cost; they have nothing better to do and it’s not their money paying the bill. The Trump administration was little more than an organized criminal enterprise designed to scam money and enrich a small inner circle. Why would its “epilogue” be any different?

Before you vote for a Republican you have to ask yourself, “Can I afford it?” That is assuming you haven’t been one of the marks who helped fund this scam.

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