I’ve been picking on Texas (with good cause) quite a bit lately; today it’s Florida’s turn.

I spent ten of the most enjoyable years of my life in Florida. Fortunately, I was educated elsewhere and have continued to educate myself via (when coupled with the ability to do critical thinking) the most valuable academic skill: reading. My favorite baseball team calls Florida home. The weather in Florida is beautiful almost every day. Pardon the grammar, but when living there I learned to say, “The sunshine ain’t free.”

In my opinion the name of the state should never be used in the same sentence with the phrase, “Quality education” and that was proved by recent news.

Centner Academy is a pre-school through high school institution located in Miami. Annual tuition ranges between $15,000 and nearly $30,000. Like many similar private school across the nation, but particularly in the South, it is an indoctrination center that often dispenses false information.

In April they made news when the owners of this for-profit school told their vaccinated teachers that they could not have contact with student. Recently it was reported that they have instituted a policy where they have effectively suspended vaccinated student for 30 days after each shot. Both policies are based on right wing mythology not science. I don’t know about Centner Academy in particular but many other right wing indoctrination centers masquerading as schools teach young girls that if they have an abortion, they will never be able to give birth. Science and truth yield to ideology and agenda at these places. They are a danger to a democratic society.

Every business with a good marketing plan has a tag line. Centner’s is, “The Brain School”. That’s my comic relief for this article and sadly it’s true.

During my approximate decade in Florida, I did almost all my grocery shopping at Publix. It seems that they have a store in every neighborhood, their selection is vast and their prices reasonable. It’s difficult not to do business with them if you live in the Sunshine State.

Publix fortune heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli has emerged as the major financier of the January 6th insurrection. She made a $150 million donation to the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) which was used to pay for the robocalls recruiting the 1/6 ground troops. Furthermore, she donated $300 million to Women for America First, the group that got the permit and organized the event. It appears we have followed the money to both its source and the agents of insurrection.

She was also a huge Trump donor and in case you are wondering she attended the University of Florida.

I think I made a strong case for changing the spelling of the state to F-L-O-R-I-D-U-H. Now consider I didn’t even talk about their governor Ron DeSantis and mentioned their most famous resident, Donald Trump, only briefly. The really sad news is that they have a lot of competition in the race to the educational bottom. Remember one of the three pillars of today’s GOP is the promotion of ignorance.

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