Fight Then Flight

It is Monday morning as I pen this and Donald Trump’s criminal trial is about to begin in New York City. I expect this to be a long, drawn-out affair with tons of coverage, most of which will not be worth paying attention to. There is amble speculation as to the outcome and I’d like to look at a seldom considered ending.

Should Trump ultimately be found guilty – which is far from a foregone conclusion – I expect appeals. When all is said and done if the guilty verdict(s) stand I am among the many who do not expect prison time; but I could be incorrect on that count. In the event that prison time is inevitable I predict Trump will fly the coop.

I’m not sure whether his passport(s) have been confiscated or not but does that really matter? In his adult lifetime Trump has never been much concerned with obeying the law. Trump not only has a personal airplane but friends who have them. Seeing him leave the country sans the legally required paperwork is easy to envision. The speculation then becomes to what destination.

As to money for his personal use, only a fool would think Trump hasn’t already offshored millions. The other asset he has which would be very interesting to his new host nation is a treasure trove of state secrets secreted in various locations. Again, only a fool would think they don’t exist.

I did a little research and was surprised that well over 30 countries either do not have extradition treaties with America or just plain don’t extradite people to us. My initial plan (and I never finished the raw research) was to list them until I decided the list would both be too long and in too many cases irrelevant. Instead, I will list my top five picks. In alphabetical order they are: Belarus, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Republic.

In this case Trump’s fight or flight reaction may well be (in his way) fight then flight.

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  1. I’m not sure Trump will be convicted on anything. I think a hung jury is a definite possibility. And think how he’ll crow and campaign on the “Witch Hunt”.

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