Fart Jokes Anyone?

When standup comics are dying on stage their ace in the hole/last resort is to tell some fart jokes. The Republicans and Trump administration may well be at that point. To explore that and some equally distasteful things that are on my mind today please continue reading.

Left leaning cable television has rejoiced in showing seemingly endless footage taken from town hall meetings held by Republican members of Congress in which they have been lambasted by angry constituents. It seemed that no matter what they said they were met with a well-deserved chorus of boos and jeers. That is in most cases because what came out of their mouths, like their votes in Congress, were not in the best interest of the people they were paid to represent. Sorry, Oklahoma Republican Representative Markwayne Mullen it is not the, “Bullcrap,” you called it; your constituents do in fact pay your $174,000 annual salary. Perhaps what these lying fools need to do is tell a couple of fart jokes to get the crowd laughing and back on their side; it is well established that they can’t legislate. In fact after nearly eight years of empty rhetoric and some sixty meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare they couldn’t even agree among themselves to the point where they could get a bill on the House floor. By the way that was with “help” of significant involvement of the Trump administration.

Trump somehow portrayed himself as the billionaire of the people during the campaign. He has embraced the unorthodox Andrew Jackson as one of his predecessor heroes. Jackson famously threw the doors of the White House open to the people to celebrate his inauguration. Access to him was about as easy as could be. Much of that is neither practical nor recommended today. However Trump’s latest move of keeping visitors to the White House secret looks much more like something Dick Cheney would have done. That is probably because Cheney did. Cheney secretly met with deep pocketed special interests and that is how he finalized policy.

I’d like to know if the President is meeting with someone who has financial interests in pending legislation or regulations. Especially in the case of a largely ignorant President I think that could well influence his decisions. Call me cynical, but I think it is relevant to know if the head of a Congressional Committee in the midst of investigating the President and his administration meets with the President or members of his administration. I understand the need to maintain national security but it seems that this policy is aimed at maintaining personal rather than national secrets.

Perhaps Mr. Trump needs a little explanation of his job. Here it is: You work for the people of the United States of America not for your personal enrichment. As part of your compensation package you get to live in our house; you don’t own the White House. For your convenience a large part of the building is office space that you get to use while you work for us. Like any office you occupy if you work (even as a senior executive) for a publically owned company the owners of the business (in this case the citizens) are entitled to know who you and your staff are meeting with. At the end of your employment (and that is all it is) you are expected to leave available records of what you did including who you met with. You now work for a public entity that hired you; not a private entity that you inherited by virtue of your membership in the Lucky Sperm Cell Club.

Trump came to power largely by utilizing a political strategy that dates back to the Roman Empire: Bread and Circuses. He promised bread to the masses who felt left behind in the globalization wave while providing them with circuses to attend and for the media to cover garnering great ratings in the process. The problems are that if the circus performers keep performing the same tricks they eventually get stale, and when the bread doesn’t materialize the masses discover they can’t feed their families with unfulfilled promises.

To date it seems to me that Trump’s only “legislative” victory was the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Keep in mind this was really Mitch McConnell’s work. He purloined the seat by unconstitutionally denying Merrick Garland a hearing, let alone a vote. He then had to change the rules of the Senate mid-stream to get Gorsuch confirmed. Gorsuch would not have been confirmed if his confirmation process ended under the same rules it started. All Trump did was pick a name from a list provided to him by a non-governmental group.

That’s enough ranting for me today. If you know any good fart jokes I suggest you send them to the White House or the Congressional Republicans; they are in desperate need of them.

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