f You Had Only A Single Issue To Campaign On

So you are running for Congress as a Democrat and somehow you found a few minutes to read today’s article. Well I have a gift for you. Read on.

You are in the closing days and most people are sick of the seemingly constant bombardment of ads, flyers, door knocks and phone calls supplemented by a plethora of television and radio commercials. Even political junkies like me who have voted early want to get on with it. Few if any voters other than your core supporters are willing to listen to you for more than a few seconds. You have to condense your stump speech down to an elevator pitch. Other than introducing yourself (which you can now do in your sleep) you can only cover one topic. Make that topic health care with special attention to pre-existing conditions!

Any of my regular readers know I feel women hold the key to success for Democrats in 2018 (and well beyond). Women care about the health of their family more than just about anything in the world. Remember this includes the extended family.

Hardly a household in America is without at least one person with what insurers (especially left to their own devices) will consider a pre-existing condition. Some insurers actually consider being female a pre-existing condition. American medical professionals are trained to prescribe pills for just about anything and they are trained and/or forced to be very conservative in their diagnosis. Therefore almost all older Americans have been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. If you had the misfortune of contracting cancer or having a heart condition should you be banished to the trash heap or forced to pay a rate you cannot afford in your wildest dreams?

To illustrate (and this is not the best illustration) just how common pre-existing conditions are remember that breast cancer strikes one in nine American women; at least that is what the campaign tells us. In reality the number is closer to one in eight. (I consider this a tragedy and public disgrace but that is a matter for another day.) The reality is that breast cancer alone strikes almost every extended American family and women are particularly sensitive to that.

I’ll make today’s a relatively short article because I have a simple message and think I have effectively communicated it.

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