Emperor Of The Cult

Today’s Republican party has ceased to be a political party and has become a cult led by Donald Trump. Republican elected officials either pledge blind loyalty or are expelled. If that necessitates craziness, so be it.

There is controversy about President Biden’s executive action forgiving some student loan indebtedness. I don’t know if a Goldilocks solution exists. If it does legislation would have been the route but the Republicans, not wanting to give Biden a political win, made that impossible. There has been some criticism from the left, a few Democrats running in red or reddish states have spoken out, I have to assume in their own political interest, and the Republicans have been an almost united chorus proclaiming it another “steal from the average American and give to ‘those people’ program”.

I want to point out two of the most amusing comments – the scary part is that they came from elected officials. In their defense neither has ever shown me that they are actually smart enough to know that they are brutally wrong.

Colorado Republican House Member Lauren Boebert complained that Biden was taking money from hard working Americans and giving it to women studying lesbian dance. Perhaps I’ve missed something on this journey but I’m not aware of a program like that existing. Boebert might just feel jealous because the executive action didn’t provide for reimbursing the cost of obtaining a GED. Yes, my dear readers, that is the extent of Boebert’s educational credentials. In a critique of the “homework” the voters of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District did in 2020 Boebert obtained it subsequent to declaring her candidacy for the House of Representatives. Is that the best they can hire at $174,000 a year?

Next, we come to Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio. I’d love to tell you how he was generally referred to in Florida when he was in the State Senate and I lived there but in order to be accurate I’d have to violate my PG rating. Let’s just say it wasn’t a compliment and I heard it from multiple sources who knew him. Rubio basically painted the recipients as lazy. He outlined how he got out of student debt. He said he got elected to the United States Senate and then wrote a book. His implication was why can’t all those lazy people simply do the same.

Magic Marco, the last time I checked there are only two Senators per state and their terms last six years. While I went to a much better academic school than you did, I didn’t major in math. That said, I still don’t think your “solution” is of a scale to solve the issue at hand despite it’s other obvious flaws.

Now we come to the leader himself. (Briefly, I promise.) Trump has basically been a failure at every business venture he has entered and sooner or later politics will prove to be the same. He is wealthy because he was born wealthy. It is really that simple. As I repeatedly point out, who else do you know of that went bankrupt multiple times in the casino business?

Trump’s latest venture is Truth Social. It’s basically his version of Twitter that he started soon after he was kicked off Twitter. The entire operation began in a cloud of controversy. Trump sycophant then Republican Representative Devin Nunes resigned his seat to become CEO despite being unqualified. Hey, Trump hires nothing but the best; just ask him. The timing of Nunes’ resignation did stop any possible House Ethics Committee investigation of his actions as a member of the lower chamber. How convenient for both him and Trump.

Funding for the project has – and to my knowledge still is – the subject of regulatory agency investigation(s). It appears Trump really blurred the lines (and perhaps that is a kind interpretation) in his effort to do a project using other people’s money. That is a business strategy he has repeatedly used in recent years: lend his name to a project and extract an off the top licensing fee. Now it is reported that Truth Social hasn’t paid at least one major supplier since March. Can you see where this venture is going? I can!

Today’s GOP has become a cult of personality that, at the top, is occupied by crazies and sycophants. It increasingly depends on a base that refuses to admit that the “emperor” is naked. Useful idiots?

American voters, including registered Republicans who are of sound mind and patriotic heart, must eliminate this version before it destroys America and democracy as we know it. We cannot allow a cult of crazies and sycophants to control one of our two major political parties!

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