Tuesday President Trump took time out of his schedule for a photo-op in Puerto Rico. In the process he embarrassed America and insulted the people of the island. Let’s explore.

During a 17 minute meeting with Puerto Rican officials the mayor of San Juan approached the President and said the mission was about saving lives not politics. The President did not even give her the courtesy of a reply; instead he condescendingly used his height advantage to look over her and then quickly moved away. A real meeting would have lasted much longer than seventeen minutes; I take that as proof that the “meeting “was simply one in a series of photo-ops. Trump’s lack of respect for women and people of color is well documented; therefore is it really surprising that Trump would snub a woman of color? To top it all, the mayor is an intelligent woman and therefore a threat to Trump and refutes his prejudices.

Another session featured Trump tossing rolls of paper towels into a crowd. He probably though he was looking youthful and showing off his imagined athletic prowess. I found it insulting to the people of Puerto Rico. He looked like he was throwing peanuts to animals in the Bronx Zoo. Puerto Ricans are American citizens, not monkeys or elephants in cages.

While on the island Trump talked about how the recovery was blowing a hole in the federal budget. There is a huge inaccuracy in that statement but more importantly it is insulting and does not reflect American values.

The key statement of the day may be when Trump gave a grade to his performance in reference to Puerto Rico. It was an A+. At the time of the statement the death toll was 16; what is the cut-off for a B?  (By day’s end it had risen to 34 and only a fool would not expect it to continue to rise.) Does it take a complete genocide to justify an F in Trump’s “mind”?

Trump is much more concerned about his ego than he is about American citizens! He dropped the ball on Puerto Rico and all he is concerned about is how his base perceives him.

With recent history as our guide the scary part is that Trump could actually get reelected in 2020. George W. Bush was a terrible President who failed to win the popular vote in 2000. Yet he won reelection in 2004. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to politically relax!

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  1. Hey Donald! How ’bout you pay back to Puerto Rico the 33 million dollars you stuck them with when your hotel there went belly-up?

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