Some of what the right wing extremists in America are doing is working. We saw the effects of that last week. It’s scary!

Much publicity was given the revelation that several FBI agents were concerned about executing a search warrant on Mar-a-Lago. Their concern was not based on legality or procedures. It was based on fear for their careers’ futures because of what they anticipated to be reprisals by the Donald Trump and his minions. When you consider the fates of James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok can you blame them?

Like most people on the political left, I have some issues with policing but when multiple members of a democracy’s most elite and selective law enforcement agency are afraid to carry out their duty that democracy has a huge problem. This wasn’t some backwater police department; this was the FBI.

Unless you have been under a rock you have heard of the revelations (which largely confirmed the long held suspicions of other than the lowest common denominator) of Fox New’s activities. In short, they knowingly promoted the big lie in an effort to regain and retain Trump loving audience share. The truth be damned in pursuit of the dollar.

Walgreens announced that they would not carry a legal, safe and effective drug often used to “complete” miscarriages and induce abortions. This was a business decision in reaction to intimidation; both actual and reasonably anticipated. If they dispensed the drug, they would be looking at who knows what kind of right wing terrorism and certainly unwanted laws at least in red states. By not carrying the drug they will not face any similar repercussion in blue states. Personally, I’m not a big protest guy. I use other methods in a quest to increase awareness. That said, perhaps some peaceful and legal protests at Walgreens locations might instill a little courage in other large corporations.

The common denominator in all these actions is that the fear factor of bullies is working. The bullies are a very small minority who represent the views of (a largely co-opted) larger minority. The majority do not share their beliefs.

The radical and extreme right certainly is not winning every battle in America but the fear should be that they may be winning enough of them.

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