Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day. Hopefully the majority of us will do something to help the Earth today. Some people will plant a tree(s), start a compost bin, or clean up an area. My days of vigorous physical action are close to over and I was never much of a protest person. My action is this article and a discussion I will join in tonight where I am certain to learn something(s).

One of my book clubs meets tonight and it selected a book by an environmentalist for this month. To me the book was mediocre but the concept is of paramount importance. There is a plethora of threats facing America and the world; some may “get us”, others won’t. The problem is in most cases we don’t know which are which. In the case of climate change; left unaltered it is a matter of when, not if.

As Joe Biden took over from the incredibly incompetent Donald Trump, I had no doubt the number one issue to address was the pandemic and its economic effect. We are far from sounding an all clear but the Biden administration has done a fine job to date. The pandemic’s immediate threat put aside; the largest threat is from climate change. Left unchecked – and remember America’s Republican Party is the only political party in the world regardless of philosophy that doesn’t recognize man’s role in climate change; in fact many Republicans don’t even recognize its existence – climate change will destroy the world as we know it.

Arguments against doing anything about it usually take the form of it would be too expensive and would cost jobs. My rebuttal is: What are your house and job worth when you can’t drink the water or breathe the air? It is really that simple. Pardon the double negative, but we can’t afford not to do anything about pollution and the climate change it causes or at least exacerbates.

I am not asking any one individual to be the savior. I simply ask that you are cognizant of the repercussion of your actions and inactions. One of the enemies of the environment is complacency. Another (and I plead guilty to this one) is ignorance. Especially among the older generations an education program is sorely needed. I know I do things that are bad for the environment simply because I don’t know any better. I know that because I have modified my behavior over the year but it still needs further modification. The global population is all at risk and we all share blame. We have about 7 billion people on this planet. If we all did a little something every day what a cumulative impact we could have.

Just as I ask everybody to perform one random act of kindness each day (I know when I do it makes me feels good) I ask that we all try to perform one good deed for our planet each day. That alone might not save it but it’s a great start and something within our individual control.

Climate change is real and a serious threat. We all have a lot of “apron strings” that are constantly being tugged at. It is difficult to make every day Earth Day but there is no Planet B.

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