Drumpf The Dummkopf

I am a typical American and unlike most Europeans am only literate in one language: English. (While far from literate in it I do have a small verbal vocabulary in Polish.) However I have picked up a few words in many languages along the journey. One of the few German words is dummkopf which basically translates to dumbass. Especially considering President Trump’s conduct in Europe this week it is an appropriate adjective to use when describing him. Let’s explore.

Before departing for the NATO meetings in Brussels, Belgium Trump made certain to insult the allies he was meeting with and the vital (to US interests) military alliance. Trump “fashionably” arrived late and left the meetings early just like he did with the G-7 meeting a few weeks ago. Contrast that with the fact that he arrived in Singapore early for his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un. Don’t worry; it gets worse.

Trump has been harping on the fact that most NATO members spend less than the monetary equivalent of 2% of their GDP on military defense. In 2014 in response to the Russian invasion and occupation of Crimea and the Obama administration’s prodding member counties set a goal of the 2% spending level by 2024. When I checked the calendar this morning it was 2018.

At an opening breakfast Trump took to insulting Germany; Europe’s largest economy and largest European NATO military power. Trump stated that Germany was beholden to Russia because it received 70% of its power from them. In the real world (a place Trump and his supporters ignore) Germany receives 9% of its power from Russia.

Of late there is a new axiom in Washington that says if Trump states a number he is lying. Sounds like more than hyperbole to me.

During an ego driven press availability prior to his departure from Brussels, Trump stated that he believed he had the power to unilaterally pull the United States out of NATO. The acronym NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The key word here is Treaty. The president most definitely does not have the authority to unilaterally pull the United States out of any treaty; that would take two-thirds of the Senate. The very hint that an American president would want to leave NATO is insanity and terrifying to anyone who understands American security post-World War II!

Somehow in this entire farce Trump claimed victory for solving all of NATO’s problems. You figure that one out; I can’t.

Then Trump went on to London for a two day visit with Prime Minister Theresa May and an audience with the Queen. Almost immediately after landing Trump did an interview with a Rupert Murdoch owned British tabloid during which he criticized May and said he had offered her a Brexit strategy which she (most likely wisely) chose not to follow. At a subsequent press conference where reporters questioned Trump on his statements he did what he always does when in trouble – he lied. Trump said the reports were “Fake news” and said he was glad that his staff had taped the interview. As it turned out the press taped the interview and made it publically available. On the tape you can hear clearly hear Trump’s voice as he criticizes May and states that he had a plan that he gave her and she ignored it. (Tim Russert has to be smiling in his grave.)

Trump was forced to travel by helicopter in London because of security concerned posed by the massive anti-Trump protests. We are talking London, England here. It is difficult to fathom just how deep and widespread the hatred of Trump is in the capital city of a staunch ally.

Back on the North Korean front for a moment: on Thursday the North Koreans were no shows at a meeting with American diplomats to discuss returning the remains of American MIAs from the Korean War. Let’s see; no remains and the North Koreans have accelerated the manufacturing of nuclear material since the summit. Hell of a deal maker Dummkopf Donny.

Trump certainly appears to be lying about his ethnic background. The family name was Drumpf before it was changed to Trump. Trump denies any German heritage. That was a decision made by the family in the aftermath of the World Wars when they thought the truth might be bad for business. The idea of the truth being bad for business like the name has been passed down through the generations.

Americans have one thing to be thankful for when it comes to Trump’s behavior on this trip, as of this writing it doesn’t appear he tried to inappropriately touch the Queen.

Joe Namath said, “If you can do it, it ain’t bragging.” Walt Whitman and Dizzy Dean among others have made similar statements. Trump talks of all his diplomatic achievements and is yet to post any. You complete my thought.

I want to thank the protesters in London. They are protesting Trump, not America or Americans. If we can survive Trump together we can repair the damage he does.

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  1. Actually, the literal translation of dummkopf is dumb head…not that it makes much difference.

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