Draining The Swamp – Really?

Late in the campaign the Trump forces added a new phrase to their arsenal: “Drain the swamp.” His minions immediately picked up on it and echoed it to all that would listen. It was part of their justification for supporting him. Well, actions speak louder than words. Let’s explore.

The swamp their hero was going to drain is Washington, DC. Trump was going to take over and get rid of all the people causing the problems. Some voters perceived Hillary Clinton as an incumbent. Her election constituted a third Obama term in their eyes. Trump was the white knight that was coming in to upset Washington and be the champion of their cause in their eyes. I’m not sure if the Trump supporters were hypocrites or just plain unintelligent; but their actions don’t reconcile with their verbiage.

On the assumption that Arizona’s electoral votes end up in Trump’s column 20 of 21 states that voted for Trump ended up reelected a Republican Senator. The lone exception is Louisiana where Republican incumbent David Vitter did not run for reelection. Louisiana has a unique way of electing Senators and there will be a second election before a winner is determined. At this point I don’t know enough to predict who the winner will be.

Here are the states and the Republican Senators they reelected: Alabama – Richard Shelby, Alaska – Lisa Murkowski, Arizona – John McCain, Arkansas – John Boozman, Florida – Marco Rubio, Georgia – Johnny Isakson, Idaho – Mike Crapo, Iowa – Chuck Grassley, Kansas – Jerry Moran, Kentucky – Rand Paul, Missouri – Roy Blunt, North Carolina – Richard Burr, North Dakota – John Hoeven, Ohio – Rob Portman, Oklahoma – James Lankford, Pennsylvania – Pat Toomey, South Carolina – Tim Scott, South Dakota – John Thune, Utah – Mike Lee and Wisconsin – Ron Johnson.

Most of those Senators have been a major part of the problem in Washington. Many ran on promising to continue their obstruction if Hillary Clinton was elected. It is like telling your boss that if you don’t get what you want you will not do your job. I’m pro-union and that is a lot like going on strike. The differences are that when you go on strike you don’t get paid and you don’t get to do it selectively.

Trump voters, you may have (at least in what passes for your minds) drained the swamp but you left all the poisonous snakes. In other words you accomplished nothing positive and in the process made the entire situation much more dangerous.

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