Don’t Stay Up Too Late

Unless you, like me, are a political junkie don’t bother staying up late tonight looking for the final net results of the election. The reason, you ask. It’s simple, we won’t know all the results for days. America no longer has an election day; it has an election season.

Mainly because of Republican passed laws preventing many states from counting mail in votes until late (in some cases not until the morning after Election Day) the final results won’t be known for days in many cases. However, that will not stop the Republicans from claiming vote dumps and fraud. Think there might be a case of cause and effect? Never let it be said that today’s GOP misses an opportunity to exploit voter ignorance.

The balance in the Senate is something most will be looking to ascertain. I’ll make one prediction: I think Georgia will be going to a runoff so that is at least one seat we will not know the results of until at least December 6th.

The possibility of legitimate recounts cannot be dismissed and there will certainly be many challenges whether legitimate or not. Part of the MAGA playbook is to challenge not concede regardless of the facts.

As for a particular race that I’ll be watching it is the Ohio Senate race. If Tim Ryan wins – and he looks to be an underdog – I think he will be a legitimate contender for the Democratic presidential nomination perhaps as early as in 2024. (More on that if he should win.)

My sleeper race is the North Carolina Senate race. I’ve been perplexed why the national Democrats didn’t put more money into that race. While far from a lock, it is winnable. I have to think that they spent more dollars than originally budgeted defending a few incumbents and simply ran out of funds.

I’m being short today because if you haven’t already you need to vote!!!!!! If things go the wrong way this may be your last chance to have your vote actually counted. Yes, it’s that serious! American democracy is on the ballot.

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  1. Once again it appears that Democrats are poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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