Don’t Prove Them To Be Correct

This is pretty much an open letter to people who vote Republican and watch Fox News. The rest of you just might find it simultaneously entertaining and terrifying.

All politicians and most television executives publically say that the voters/viewers are smart. In private they think many of you are stupid. The recent revelations of the goings on at Fox News prove it.
I’m not going to try and compete with the majority of media outlets in that they have done a great job of reporting the details and specifics. If you want more about that there is a plethora of places to go. Just stay in the mainstream or on the political left.

Here is the bottom line with regard to the 2020 election – Fox News knowingly lied and promoted the Big Lie. It is really that simple! They did it for two reasons. The first was greed. They wanted to give their listeners what they wanted so as not to lose them to other competing right wing myth providers.

The reason they felt they could get away with it is because Fox News listeners are especially devoted to the network. More than any news outlet Fox News’ viewers have no other source of information. They don’t read newspapers, listen to much radio or watch other TV news outlets. They live in news silo. If Fox didn’t tell them the truth, they simply were not exposed to it.

Many like to hold out MSNBC as the left wing version of Fox. That is simply not true. First off MSNBC, while definitely of a liberal political slant, still deals in facts. I’ll use myself as an example (fully realizing that I have more time for news consumption than a lot of younger Americans) my “default” TV news outlets is MSNBC but I also read the Washington Post and the New York Times on a daily basis. That is supplemented by healthy doses of NPR and the BBC along with a lot of reading. In that process I fact check what I see, hear and read. For the most part Fox News viewers simply do not do that.

While the current Fox News scandals and legal difficulties are major news on most outlets, they are all but not covered on Fox News. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that.

The latest is at least one Fox News host’s latest attempt at downplaying the events of the afternoon of 1/6/21 (aided by Kevin McCarthy). I remember that afternoon well. Am I to deny what I saw live with my own eyes?

One contemporary American definition of a fool is a Fox News viewer who believes what the network tells him. Fox News and the right wing mythology machine believes that you are a fool. Don’t prove them to be correct!

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  1. I must say, that, as Trump’s domination of the airwaves fades, I find myself able to resume the pleasure of watching C-Span more, instead of the incessant series of Trump bombshells.

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