Don’t Forget

Today is Earth Day. Most of the time I comment on things I am well qualified to; today is not one of those days. That doesn’t lessen the importance of today’s posting. In fact, it illustrates a problem I will cover.

I am a Baby Boomer. The worst among my generation simply don’t care about the planet. They figure they are going to die soon so the long-term is someone else’s problem, not theirs. I’m among the best of that generation in that I care what is left behind when I exit, but I’m largely operating from a position of ignorance. Thanks again for my grandchildren!

The first thing most skeptics will say is: What can I do as an individual? My impact is small. I’ll answer the question as we go on, as to the statement simply look at the number line; at its core it is simple a progression of ones.

The first thing to look at is the American political scene. The Republican Party is the only political party that denies climate change or at least man’s impact on it. No other even far right wing political party in the advanced world takes that position. Therefore, the first thing you can do is vote for candidates of the only other viable political party (the Democrats).

If you don’t trust me on that just look at recent American history. Donald Trump still brags about the regulations he repealed or simply chose not to enforce. Under Joe Biden the Inflation Relief Act of 2022 was passed. The title of the law is a bit deceiving; it is the largest investment in planet friendly programs the world has ever seen. (The deceptive name was part of the backroom deals to get West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin on board; the bill passed without a single Republican vote in either chamber.)

The next thing you can do is recycle. I recently moved into a neighborhood that does a while back and while only ever so slightly inconvenient, it makes me feel good about myself and what I’m doing. Along those lines – and I’m far from an expert when it comes to recycling! – I have one, what I wish was common sense, piece of advice to pass along. Break down boxes before you put them in the recycle container. It is a simple matter of geometry and you don’t have to be mathematically genius to envision it.

Last, I want to suggest three books from the Recommended Reading List on the topic. They are: Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring which is the granddaddy of them all along with two from Jeff Goodall, The Heat Will Kill You First and The Water Will Come. This is far from a complete list but read at least one. If you are skeptical, they will change your mind. If you already a believer, they will motivate you.

My advice is incomplete but it’s a start. A start may be insufficient but it is certainly better than doing nothing. The worst thing you can do is do nothing. Remember there is no Planet B even for those who live on Earth II.

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