Donald The Fish. Master Trapper Mike?

Sometimes I think when measured in output per unit of effort my wife may be one of the most brilliant political observers I know. This week provided another example of that which I will share with you today.

After Tuesday night’s debate I came downstairs to walk the dog before I started writing. My wife, who didn’t bother watching the debate, asked me “Who won,” and “How did it go?” When I mentioned Tim Kaine’s numerous interruptions she remarked that it was probably a setup to get Trump to hypocritically complain. We can only speculate whether it was a setup or luck, (I’d bet on the former), however that is exactly what happened. Donald Trump who interrupted Hillary Clinton 40 times in their debate (despite having what he claims was a bad microphone) complained about Kaine interrupting Mike Pence 42 times. It seems to me this is a case of pot calling kettle. I didn’t like Kaine’s interruptions and it didn’t play well with the viewers but the opportunity to make a TV commercial that Trump’s complaint gives the Clinton campaign will have a greater impact on the race than a Vice Presidential Debate will.

Trump is famously thin skinned as well illustrated by his 3am tweets. As Hillary pointed out, you have to really think whether you want a President who can be so easily manipulated by a tweet, utterance or gesture.

Pence, who is generally considered to have won the debate, (even I felt he looked better and more presidential than Tim Kaine), may have well won the “battle” but committed one or two major blunders that will help his side to lose the “war”. The key words are “One or two.”

The definite error is when he denied things he and Trump have said that are on tape. All the Clinton campaign has to do is juxtapose the denial and the statement –and there are several examples, certainly enough to fill a 30 second spot.

I have to wonder if the other was an error, stupid instructions from Trump or a deliberate sabotage of Trump in anticipation of being the 2020 GOP nominee. Pence brought the Clinton Foundation into the debate. With all the controversy swirling around the Donald J. Trump Foundation I’m not sure that is a winning issue for the Trump-Pence ticket except with Bubba who already is never going to vote for Hillary.

If Donald Trump were a fish Hillary would have already caught, filleted and fried him. Trump is an amateur, Pence is an old political pro. I expect Trump to make stupid rookie mistakes that I’d never expect Pence to commit.

Pence was facing an uphill fight to be reelected as Governor of Indiana. The VP slot was a gift for him. After Trump loses Pence will try and position himself as a true far right winger (which he is) with that part of the GOP base and a team player (to the establishment GOP) who went in with Trump when nobody else would in an effort to save the Party and police The Donald.

Trump is the political version of a caught fish. As to Pence we’ll have to wait until after the campaign to find out if he was instructed to bring up the foundations or adlibbed in an effort to enhance his own political future. Trump is certain to face uncomfortable questions about his foundation in the upcoming debate. Hillary would love to spend a considerable portion of the debate discussing the relative foundations; it’s a winning issue for her. Remember Trump losing is the best possible outcome for rebounding career politician like Mike Pence.

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One thought on “Donald The Fish. Master Trapper Mike?”

  1. Good post, Larry, as always.

    I agree almost completely. I say almost completely because I do find it a stretch to say that Pence either looked presidential or that he won (even by the slightest of margins).

    I thought he looked decidedly unpresidential with his snickering and condescending smugness and his facial contortions throughout the debate, which rivaled those of his partner in crime, DJT. Those are not presidential attributes.

    The other marker of his “unpresidentialness” was his inability to refrain from lying about everything Kaine challenged him on.

    As I said on my Facebook page: “Winners? Tim Kaine for facts! Mike Pence for lies!”

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