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How many times do you tell someone a political story and they just shake their head in disbelief? I have a pet theory that overall Americans are lousy hiring managers. When we vote that is exactly what we are; or what we should be envisioning ourselves as at least.

Elections are to fill job openings and the candidates are applicants.
Recent political poling has just reinforced my belief in the above stated theory. We face a presidential election next year. It appears the candidates will be a rematch of 2020. Even though Joe Biden is the incumbent in reality the job is open as of noon on January 20, 2025 and we get to determine who fills it.

Both men will have held the office for one four-year term. Biden’s time in office has been relatively successful. Trump’s was a disaster that culminated in a failed (basically everything Trump does fails) coup attempt.

Trump is facing multiple, and it appears a growing number of, criminal indictments. He is the only president to have been impeached twice. He has already been convicted in civil court as has his business organization. Several of his lieutenants have done time or only avoided it because he issued a presidential pardon to them. There’s more but that should be more than sufficient to eliminate him from a voter’s mind. However, he is running away with the GOP nod at this point. Furthermore, he is tied with Biden in a poll of general election voters. Tied! Can you imagine that?

Picture yourself as a wealthy person who owned a huge business. You are interviewing CEO candidates. A man presents himself to you. He says, I’m nearly 80 years old, overweigh, I don’t believe in exercise, I’m facing several criminal indictments and I expect more in the coming weeks with perhaps more to follow that. I had this job a few years ago and my performance was let’s just say less than sterling. Would you hire him? Apparently, a large number of American voters are giving it serious consideration.

In the Senate we have reelected several members who appear to have passed their “sell by date”. While they are far from alone, I’ll give you a current example from each party: Diane Feinstein of California and Chuck Grassley of Iowa. No matter how much you loved it you got rid of that old car when its performance wanes. Shouldn’t we hold Senators to at least that high of a standard?

Staying in the Senate for a bit, how about basic common sense, let alone intelligence. I offer Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville as an example of another hiring mistake. In recent weeks Tuberville has refused to acknowledge the danger of white supremacists, the existence of climate change and weakened the military.

Going across the building Dana Rohrabacher represented California 48 for 20 years during which he was so pro-Russian that he may as well have flown a Russian flag in his office and worn one on his lapel yet the voters of his district kept returning him to Washington.

There is no constitutional education requirement but Colorado’s Lauren Boebert was elected and reelected with only a recently acquired GED (and that doesn’t stand for graduate engineering degree). Is that the best the people of her district can get for $174,000 a year? I certainly hope not.

Sometimes since our “business” is so large we don’t directly hire leaving the task to “management committees”. One such “management committee” is the Senate who confirms Supreme Court nominees. Two of the current justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas, were confirmed despite credible sexual misconduct allegation (in Kavanaugh’s case rape) which were known during their confirmation hearings (think job interviews). Presented with such a candidate would you give them a lifetime job or find an excuse to pass on them? The correct answer is obvious but didn’t happen in either case. Remember we the people elected the members of those “management committee”.

Shaking your head is insufficient and somewhat like baring the door after the horse has left the barn. The minimum every eligible citizen should do is vote and when you do remember you are hiring someone to manage your business. Do more than shake your head.

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  1. I would argue that a minimum standard of civics should be required for graduation from high school. And I could argue that, without that achievement, one cannot vote.

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