Dispelling A Rumor And More

A lot is going on. Much more than I can ever cover. Today’s is another of my attempts to catch up. As if there weren’t enough material, I’ll even start a rumor and debunk it.

Promised “Rumor”

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Russian state TV has sent Fox News a check to compensate for all the footage it has supplied it magnifying Putin’s lies. They just took the material and never sent a check. The first sentence is a joke; the second it the truth.

A Really Bad Politician!

I saw Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse do a live TV spot on St. Patrick’s Day. It is an open secret that Sasse has designs on taking a run at the presidency. He wore an orange tie. Any male politician worth their salt wears a green tie on St. Patrick’s Day and certainly not an orange one. The spot in question was an early morning one. Hopefully (for him) somebody got to Sasse with a green tie as the day went on. Another GOP wannabe far from ready for prime time!

Beware April 3

Hungary holds its parliamentary elections on April 3rd. Current Prime Minister Viktor Orban is in a close race to retain his position. To date Hungary has been moving in lock step with the rest of the EU and against Russia. Orban is a wannabe autocrat in the mold of, and friendly to, Putin. If he is returned to power, it will be interesting to see if he stays with the will of the Hungarian people (who have been welcoming to Ukrainian refugees) or goes back to backing Putin. This may be another in the many “political balls” Biden is juggling and another timeline.

The Most Interesting And Telling Non-Sanction

Because they were so ridiculous (except possibly for domestic Russian consumption) Putin’s sanctions of several Americans hardly got any press. Among those sanctioned were President Biden’s late father (a typo), Hillary Clinton and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. One politically prominent American with wide name recognition in Russia who was not sanctioned was Donald Trump. Was that because Putin has Trump under his thumb and/or because you don’t sanction your money launderer or that of your closest buddies? Maybe we could make a movie about it called The Real Estate Laundromat?

New Punchline

With the devastating effect of financial sanctions, the Russian stock market has been closed. A new punchline could be that a person works even less than a Russian stockbroker.

In reality the latest joke going around Moscow is: What is the difference between the dollar and the ruble? A dollar.

Incapable Of Learning

Roger Marshall is the junior Senator from Nebraska and the Republican was present on January 6th. He recently gave a tour of the Capital Building to a group of truckers from the so-called People’s Convoy. (They meet the scientific definition of people and that gathering of vehicles could generously be called a convoy.) I won’t go any further confident that you can connect the dots; my readers are much more intelligent than Marshall.

Another Entrant

Some day I’m going to have to conduct a contest for which state has the craziest Republicans. (That would give me a series I could write in advance.) Last week Idaho proved it will be a strong contender. The Republicans in the state legislature are advancing a bill (H. B. 675) that would make it a felony to transport a child out of state to receive medical treatment often prescribed to trans youth.
Maybe the Idaho Republicans just felt the Missouri Republicans needed a little help to rule the world.

Matt Who?

It seems there is a bad boy rivalry going on in the House GOP caucus. For some time when you thought of a poster bad boy among them the first person to come to mind was Matt Gaetz of Florida – and he earned it! There might just be a new contender in North Carolina’s Madison Cawthorn.

To call Cawthorn a liar is an oversimplification. To supplement that he is now trying to act like a tough guy. He recently called Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy (I have often spelled his name with only one “y” which is, although popular in the American press, nonetheless incorrect), a “Thug”. Zelenskyy may be a lot of things but a thug is not one of them. Thugs are cowards and he certainly is anything but! He also called the Ukrainian government “Incredibly evil.” I guess that means a guy whose whole backstory is a lie is taking the side of Putin and Russia over Ukraine and Zelenskyy.

That’s enough for today. I do have a question: What hurts worse; your head from shaking or your belly from laughing at theses fools?

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