Deleting Emails

I have various methods of storing tidbits that I may want to cover in an upcoming op-ed. Among them is to email an article to myself.  Needless to say they all don’t get covered and they accumulate.  Periodically I delete them for one of various reasons; the optimal is that I include them in an article.  Today I want to execute the optimal solution in a few cases; let’s explore.

At Least 130 And Counting

Secret Service Agents perform various tasks for the federal government the most famous and secretive among them is protecting the president. Coronapalooza has sidelined at least 130 agents for either testing positive with the coronavirus or quarantining because of exposure to it and therefore unavailable for duty.

I can’t see Trump just sitting in the White House or playing rounds of golf at his Sterling, Virginia course until he takes off for Christmas vacation at Mar-a-Lago. He lives for the applause and what better place to get them than out on the road in front of adoring crowds, especially when the American taxpayers are picking up the tab.

In the process we will at least temporarily lose more skilled professionals and the American taxpayers will pick up the tab for paying them to sit home.

I Hope They Read The Tealeaves Correctly

The consensus of opinion of Supreme Court watchers is that after the oral arguments over Obamacare the Court will probably vote 5-4 to keep it almost entirely intact. I’ll wait for the final opinion but being hopeful isn’t all that bad.

The Truth Appears To Have Defeated Barr And Trump

Attorney General and Trump Consigliere Bill Barr ordered U.S. Attorneys across the country to vigorously pursue any allegations of voter irregularities as part of Trump’s allegations of fraud and a rigged election. The reports came back that none of any significance existed.  Reality – what a concept.

Legally Descending

Late last week Trump named Rudy Giuliani as heading up his post-election legal team. Did he have much choice?

Legitimate and longtime GOP law firms led by Jones Day have pulled out of any future litigation. To date they are 1 for 20.  That victory didn’t really amount to anything and certainly didn’t change any outcomes.

Really, is Giuliani the best a sitting president can get?

Very Interesting But What Does It Mean?

Last week Charles Koch congratulated Joe Biden on his victory and said he would like to work together on issues of common ground. Koch is one of the wealthiest people in the world and has spent millions on political and policy causes in recent years.  He is a libertarian and not a right wing nutcase.  He is self-serving and greedy but he is also a practical businessperson.  Biden is only slightly left of center and really cares for the people.  There is certainly common ground in some of their positions.

Was Koch simply recognizing that the current “king” is about to be “dead” and making a sensible overture to the new “king”? Time will tell but on the surface this is certainly not a bad development.

Borrowing A Friend’s Expression

A friend of mine has taken to calling Facebook “Fraudbook” in his writing. He publishes a local newspaper so hating Facebook is almost a given.  However it cannot be denied that much disinformation and outright untruths are spread on it and that too many believe everything they read there.

In that vein last week Facebook took down several pages tied to former Trump campaign manager and strategist Steve Bannon. They were part of the “Stop the Steal” movement.

Facebook is fine for cute pictures of the grandkids but not as your primary news source!

In The Mail

If there was a “mass fraud” in connection with the election it was perpetrated by the USPS under the direction of Louis DeJoy. (I realize it doesn’t meet the legal definition of fraud.)  The latest and lowest estimation of ballots “lost” in the post office and not delivered on time is 150,000.  Think that might have suppressed a few votes?  I do.

Well, that’s enough for today. “See” you tomorrow.

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