Delay And Prolong: A Basic Understanding

What’s going on? (OK, I’d probably added an unnecessary adjective that wouldn’t pass the PG test). When evaluating legal things Trump, I seem to ask myself that daily and I bet you do too. It’s actually very simple when you boil it down. I’ll try to explain today.

When you think about it, it’s all about the clock. Trump wants to delay all legal proceedings as long as possible, in the process prolong them. The Trump operation is basically an organized criminal enterprise whose goal is self-enrichment. In plain language it is a scam. He is making money off this entire mess and the longer it goes on the more money he makes.

He has to know that in the long run he will be convicted of one or more criminal felonies. He will promptly appeal them. Why not? He is doing it, like everything he has always done in life, on OP money. As long as the appeals process continues, he stays out of prison or house arrest. While in appeal he rakes in more money from his large band of temporarily useful idiots. He is actually laughing all the way to the bank. He feels – and I’m not certain that he is correct – that he holds the ultimate ace in the hole in that he has at least five sure votes on the Supreme Court. He well may but I’m far from certain that the outcome he desires is a given at the Court.

In any event he has to realize that he is both old and in less than stellar physical shape. Since a prolonged legal battle could take years, he may run out the clock by way of final exit and die a free man.

Another part of the delay game is the possibility that he could return to office. Then he can disassemble the Justice Department or simply self-pardon. A lot of ifs and conditions there, but it is closer to a probability than a possibility in Trump’s mind.

Like a team down in the final seconds of a football game, the possible overrules the probable. What has a guilty man got to lose? Think organized criminal enterprise coupled with delay and prolong and you’ll understand Trump. It’s all about the money and self-preservation.

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  1. I look forward to the day that he is no longer laughing all the way to the bank, but, rather, crying all the way to the big house!

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