Deflecting Blame

A lot of information crosses my eyes on a daily basis; in fact too much. Tuesday a tidbit came to my attention that sparked this article because I knew it wasn’t an isolated incident. Let’s explore.

Manslaughter Mitch McConnell appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and offered the explanation that President Trump was unable to react to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic back in January because the Democrats were busy impeaching him. Of course, the conclusion he is expecting loyalists to draw is that the current situation is the Democrats’ fault. This is like blaming the DA for causing you to rob a bank to pay for your defense lawyer who was defending you for a crime you committed but since you rigged the jury and the investigative process you got out of. Was that difficult to follow? So is McConnell’s “logic”.

That aside, these days it’s not popular for progressives to quote John Edwards but he put it perfectly in 2008 when he said the president “Has to be able to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.”

This is the report that got me started on this topic but it certainly doesn’t end there. Read on. This is not an isolated incident but part of a pattern.

Trump himself has blamed China. He continues to say that it’s not his or America’s fault. It has been confirmed that China let America know of the coming crisis back in January. Perhaps Trump – and by extension America and the world – would be well served if he started paying attention to his briefers or at least got some credible news sources. I have it on good authority that cable TV and internet service is included with the government housing we provide him.

Trump has continually blamed the governors – or at least the ones he views as political enemies – for not doing their jobs. In reality the most effective preventative measures taken in America to date have come from state and local elected officials.

Trump’s minions have resurrected one of the defenses they used for George W. Bush (who looks like a genius when compared to Trump): who knew? We know that Trump knew back in January and like many of the excuses in an effort to deflect blame this one and the impeachment one cannot coexist. One in fact refutes the other. But then Trump has never been a stickler for the truth.

Going back to 9/11 we now know that W was warned well in advance and chose to dismiss the report with a figuratively illustrative obscenity.

The latest excuse rising in right wing circles – where some are still denying the reality of the pandemic’s existence – is that the numbers are flawed and it really isn’t that bad. On this one they are half right but their conclusion is sheer lunacy. The numbers are flawed; they are seriously underreported! The testing we have done borders on a joke and therefore it is only logical that there are many more infected people and many of the recent deaths attributed to other causes were really caused by the coronavirus.

We have yet to reach the peak of the crisis in America, let alone see it fade, yet we already have more deaths than China with about one-quarter of its population. I’m certainly not saying that’s China’s numbers are 100% accurate either but that comparison is concerning. Keep in mind China had no warning; we had a significant one if only we had a leader who would have paid attention to it.

Trump never has been able to accept responsibility for his action and his time in the Oval Office is no exception. It’s a good thing he is a dog hater; if he had one in the White House he would probably say the report landed on his desk but the dog ate it before he had a chance to review it.

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