It is shortly after 9am Saturday morning as I pen this article. President Trump’s daily schedule has been update to reflect today’s public events. None are listed and the President is at Mar-a-Lago where he has been most of the week. Juxtapose all those facts and the only logical conclusion is that many things are rotten. Let’s explore.

The memorial service for former First Lady Barbara Bush is being held in Texas today. All living former presidents and first ladies will be in attendance along with current First Lady Melania Trump. Some of the aforementioned are no longer in the best of health but they are making the effort out of respect to one in their small and exclusive “club”. Trump claims to be in tip top shape and yet couldn’t make the trip. His public excuse is that he didn’t want to distract from the moment by virtue of the security that accompanies him. Another civics lesson for the ignorant current occupant of the Oval Office: former presidents and first ladies have Secret Service protection too. It’s not like the only “security” there was going to be a couple of rent-a-cops doubling as parking attendants.

While I am neither a Republican nor a huge Barbara Bush fan I am offended by Trump’s lack of decorum. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the Bushes have been staunch Republicans for generations and Trump ran as the Republican nominee. Remember that every living former Democratic POTUS and FLOTUS is scheduled to be in attendance.

So that begs the questions: Where is President Trump and what is he doing that is so important that it keeps him away from an obligation of his office? The President is at Mar-a-Lago, a private resort he owns in Florida. He has been there most of the week supposedly to host Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and have talks. I agree that the meeting was best held outside the hustle and bustle of the White House but what is wrong with the government owned Camp David? The only logical (and consistent with an organized criminal enterprise) answer is that since Trump owns Mar-a-Lago he can personally profit which he cannot do if Camp David is the venue.

We know that Trump played golf with Abe on a Trump owned golf course on Wednesday. Trump also snuck in a round on Friday. By the most accurate count available that brings him to 108 confirmed rounds on Trump owned golf courses since his inauguration. My guess is that he will again hit his links on Saturday and most likely Sunday. (Remember this is being written early Saturday morning.)

I could be incorrect on the golf. Perhaps Trump is engaged in high level negotiations to make American great again by procuring better looking hookers than those in Russia. I could be incorrect about the venue for the Abe summit. Perhaps the Japanese Prime Minister fell in love with the chocolate cake desert at Mar-a-Lago and insisted on that venue. There is a good chance I’m incorrect about the importance Trump placed on Friday night’s fundraiser. Raising funds for his defense/reelection is there is anything left over fund is a high priority for a man drowning in scandal who hates to spend his own money.

If you happen to be questioning the logistics of getting from Florida to Texas for the services it may have entailed a short night’s sleep for Trump in that Friday night he hosted an event for deep pocketed Republican donors at Mar-a-Lago. Trump is an equal opportunity skimmer; he is just as happy to profit from the RNC as he is from the American taxpayer.

Trump has been very unstatesmanlike within the GOP since the campaign. Remember he insulted John McCain and continues to. At 71 years old it is extremely unlikely that Trump will ever reach anything approaching McCain’s integrity. I often question McCain on policy but never on integrity.

I come from a blue collar, lunch bucket, union, working class background. I can be a tad crude on occasion (often on purpose to extract a result). Trump has desperately wanted to be accepted as an A list celebrity his entire adult life. Part of being the President is displaying certain decorum. Trump fails miserably to the embarrassment of America.

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Update: Former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter did not attend. They are both in their 90’s and Rosalynn is recovering recent surgery.