Deceptive Rhetoric

Just because something sounds good that doesn’t mean it is good. The modern-day Republican Party has some great rhetoric. On the surface it sounds fantastic and since most Americans have about a 30 second political attention span it is highly effective. The sad part is that it is increasingly proving to be malarkey when compared to their actions. I’ll go through a few examples today. The last paragraph will be a bonus in which I’ll unveil a new acronym.

For over a decade the Republicans have portrayed their voter suppression legislation as voter integrity measures. That sounds nice but it is total malarkey and a solution in search of a problem. Widespread voter fraud in modern American elections that changes outcomes is non-existent. To my memory the only recent election that was in jeopardy was a North Carolina congressional election that was never certified and ended up having to be rerun. In it the fraud was the work of a Republican operative in conjunction with the Republican candidate. In other words, the current system worked and preserved integrity.

In an effort to placate a certain easily influenced portion of their base, the Republicans have portrayed themselves as Pro-Life for years. In the past I have written that the label is silly in that it’s opposite would be Anti-Life and nobody alive is. Well, I may have to correct myself today. If you look at the Republicans legislative records, they are certainly Pro-Fetus but Anti-Life. This is the only political party on earth that denies climate change which is the greatest threat to life on this planet as we know it.

They oppose the expansion of Medicaid which will save lives (not to take into account the boost it will have to many state economies). They consistently vote against providing nutritious meals to youngsters. A well-fed youngster has a much greater chance of growing up to be a successful adult who will contribute to society and pay a boat load of taxes in the process.

The Republicans may legislate to protect the fetus but once you are born in their book you are on your own.

The current anti-mask and anti-vaccine movements illustrate how hypocritical and false the personal responsibility stand is. What is more irresponsible than playing Russian Roulette with your life while endangering the lives of others in the process? To further exacerbate matters they expect to use up finite medical resources to be treated after they contract COVID-19 due to their own negligence. So let me get this straight: someone who refused to take prudent actions contracts the disease and they get treated while a person with a medical condition prohibiting taking the vaccine or a child that is to young contracts the disease and is denied care because there is no “room at the inn”. How does that serve the public interest?

To most mainstream Americans the most attractive plank in the conservative political philosophy is fiscal conservatism. A considerable portion of Americans are socially liberal but fiscally conservative. Today’s Republicans call themselves conservatives but too often they are not. These are the people who voted for the Trump Tower Tax Cut in 2017 which did nothing to boost the economy but added about $1.5 trillion to the national debt. Then we had to issue about another $8 trillion in bailout packages to keep the Trump economy alive because they abetted Trump in doing such a lousy job of managing the pandemic and economy. Using round numbers, the national debt increased by about 50% under “business genius” Trump. What was fiscally conservative about that?

If you notice I haven’t written a lot about the current proposed infrastructure packages. That us mainly because (to be kind) I’ve adopted a wait and see attitude. In the long run I expect the Republicans to sabotage the program to hurt Joe Biden politically and because they simply cannot differentiate between spending and investing.

My moral for today is a simple one: Beware of what sounds too good to be true because it usually is.

The new acronym is AINO: American In Name Only. I’d suggest it be pronounced A-no. It’s not as catchy or easily pronounced as RINO but it’s more important. It describes most of the current Republican congressional delegation. It is impossible to square their voting records with American values.

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  1. Democrats should be screaming about pot holes and collapsing bridges and blaming all that on the Republicans…and blaming…and blaming…out loud and pointing at specific Republicans. To an intelligent electorate these things are obvious. But we’ve got forty years of dumbing-down to overcome. Keep it simple. And pound it home incessantly!

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