Debate Cover?

I’m not sure quite why I titled this posting Debate Cover? Was it because today is the day of the New Hampshire Primary and Friday’s debate having happened at St. Anselm’s College so it was my last chance to publish it and still being timely?  Was it because it was so much on my mind this Saturday afternoon that I had to commit it to paper? Was it because I thought Donald Trump timed phase one of his purge on a day he knew the press would make the debate the top story? Regardless of my motivation, let’s explore.

Seven Democratic presidential contenders (Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang) took the stage Friday night in a debate televised by ABC. To purloin and paraphrase a line from Jennifer Rubin: I’m not quite sure why Steyer and Yang were there. I can’t see either winning the nomination. For his part Steyer looked more real than in his previous debate appearances and Yang, while coming across stoic, again illustrated his brilliance – brilliance that I fear is ahead of its time.

Of the five with any chance of clutching the brass ring in Milwaukee, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar had the best night. Earlier I endorsed her and announced that I would cast my primary vote for her so I feared I was seeing and hearing what I wanted to see and hear. With the benefit of watching a few talking heads and regular people, then reading several political opinion pieces I saw I was far from alone in my evaluation.

Joe Biden entered the evening in need of a solid performance after a disappointing showing in Iowa. In my opinion he did well enough. Not terrific, but one of his better performances. (He is not the debater he was in 2008 when he bested Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards while failing to gain the nomination.)

Buttigieg both attacked and was attacked by his competitors but the only one that somewhat shook him was moderator Linsey Davis of ABC. For the most part he looked well prepared, cool and presidential.

Bernie was Bernie and Elizabeth Warren turned in a solid if not spectacular performance. The question in Warren’s case is: was it good enough for a top two finish in her neighboring state?

While the entire viewing audience knew that Trump had fired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and had him escorted from the White House in obvious revenge and intimidation to any other(s) who might think of committing the sin of obeying a congressional subpoena and then telling the truth under oath; few if any of us knew Trump also fired his twin brother Yevgeny from the NSC.

That was the move of a punk not a real mobster which is what Trump is modeling his behavior after. Trump is not only seeking revenge against his perceived enemies (read: American patriots); he is trying to intimidate future truth tellers (he calls them leakers and rats) by not only trying to ruin their lives but the lives of their families.

It’s similar to the punk who lacks the courage to confront you face-to-face so he resorts to attacking your property or family. By all appearances these terminations were typical of Trump terminations – other than they didn’t commerce with a tweet – Trump didn’t personally handle them, he delegated them. Cadet Bone Spurs lacked the courage to confront a decorated Army officer and war veteran.

There is an old adage in the PR business: if you want to bury something release it on a Friday afternoon. It appears that Trump not only used timing but another major political event to bury this story except to Bubba who loves anything Trump does.

To Bubba: Remember that when the bully gets everyone else they come for you. Look at Trump’s “old boys” like Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen who are spending the night in prison, lots of nights. Loyalty is a one way street in the Donald Dome.

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