Dangling Participles

It’s another one of those dangling participles days. By that I mean that today’s will be one of those articles that will briefly comment on several different topics as opposed to zeroing in on one. In fact, I want to take a brief look at another aspect of an event previously covered. Let’s explore.

One story that has been taking up a huge quantity of the oxygen in the news is the Essential Consulting, LLC situation. This is still very much a developing story with almost as many questions as answers but this much is already certain: it doesn’t pass the smell test. Trump defenders and enablers are criticizing Michael Avenatti’s information because they say it is inaccurate. This is a scandal measured in dollars and while there appear to be some minor inaccuracies Avenatti’s numbers are over 99% correct.

Essential Consulting, LLC was setup just prior to the Election Day 2016 as a shell corporation to facilitate the Stormy Daniels payoff. We know that since then nearly $4.5 million have flowed into it from various sources. What we don’t know at this writing (but I bet Robert Mueller does) is where the money went. It appears that Michael Cohen (not a registered lobbyist) was, among other things, selling influence to major corporations. The big question is did any of the money flow back to President Trump, his family or his organization or was it used for his/their benefit(s), (i.e. paying hush money to mistresses). It looks like a classic pay-to-play scheme which is bribery (among possibly other crimes) under the law. Could Stormy Daniels end up being what finally brings Donald Trump down?

I found it interesting when Trump tweeted that West Virginians should not vote for Don Blankenship in last Tuesday’s primary because he could not win in November. In that tweet Trump referenced Roy Moore in Alabama. Remember, Trump endorsed Roy Moore in that special election.

I hate to pick on First Lady Melania Trump. For the most part she stays in the background and does who knows what. Last week she stepped out and again stepped in it. Mrs. Trump announced her initiative for children which she is calling “Be Best”. As part of the rollout her staff released a booklet they claimed she wrote. It turns out to be a recycled Obama era booklet with a new forward citing Melania and an updated drawing of a cell phone on the cover. At the same time Mrs. Trump was claiming to be a champion of children her husband was demanding that Congress cut about $7 billion from the CHIPs program which provides health care to poor children. This juxtaposition is as uncomfortable as the phrase “Be Best”.

Many experts feel that America’s pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal makes a major war between nuclear armed Israel and Iran much more likely. I have long feared that Trump would start an unnecessary war as a diversion from Russiagate. While foreign conflicts tend to rally the nation around the President and dominate the news, there is a cost to sending Americans into overseas battles. If Trump could get two regional foreign powers to get into a major conflict he gets the distraction without the cost. Come to think of it that is typical of how Trump likes to operate; using other people’s money. While the war is going on he can facilitate arms deals (on which he can profit via “tributes”) and keep his organized criminal enterprise going.

I recently came across a quote from Thomas Jefferson. “It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Jefferson was basically saying that if it didn’t cost him money or physically injure him he simply ignored it. That is that attitude many low information Americans have about the Trump administration. They don’t pay attention to the death by a thousand cuts Trump is inflicting on America and in fact have yet to feel the pain. My fear is that when they finally become aware it will be too late.    

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  1. At the risk of sounding rhetorical, does anyone else notice the hypocrisy of justifying nuclear weapons for Israel…but not for anyone else in the region?

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