Dangerous “Dirty Donald”

Maybe it’s my age. Perhaps it’s the way my strange mind works. Thursday night when my wife told me of President Trump’s disinfectant comment during his daily TV show I fell silent for a bit (yes, very odd for me) then a scene from an old movie flashed in my mind. Let’s explore.

In 1973 Magnum Force was released. It starred Clint Eastwood (later, of the bizarre empty chair) in his role as Dirty Harry. One of the scenes in the movie was that of a pimp forcing one of his prostitutes to drink Drano. While Drano is not a disinfectant, injecting, ingesting or otherwise putting a disinfectant into your body would, like the Drano, lead to death. Magnum Force was not exactly aimed at high IQ medical students. Part of the idea of the scene was that even the lowest common denominator old enough to get into the movie theater would know its outcome.

Friday the White House line was that Trump’s remark was made in sarcasm. This is a recycled, although slightly refined, excuse. Countless times when Trump says something totally inane he is purported to be joking. (There are two major differences between him and his immediate predecessor in the Oval Office; Obama is very intelligent and could have a successful career as a stand-up comic.) This time he took it a step further calling it a sarcastic response to a very sarcastic question from a reporter. (Blaming the media is a standard fascist strategy.) You can believe that if you choose; however if you do I feel morally obligated to care for those less fortunate than me by reminding you not to use disinfectants internally.

This is another case where following the advice of a modern day elected Republican is harmful to your health. In this case fatal.

Friday the FDA issued a warning not to take the drugs just days earlier that Trump had been praising as a miracle cure outside of a doctor’s recommendation or clinical trial. That was a muted warning – most likely intended not to irritate Trump’s fragile ego too much – in view that the main drug has already led to deaths when used as a coronavirus treatment. Trump is the kind of “genius” that would recommend suicide as a cure for a toothache. He’s correct, when you are dead you no longer care about the toothache, or coronavirus for that matter.

This is just one of many illustrations from this administration of why it is both a bad and dangerous idea to give an adult job to a man-child. Only Trump’s body, and certainly not his mind, has reached adult maturity level.

Earlier last week I happened to catch MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle complete interviewed of VA Secretary Robert Wilke. He proved to be another empty suit Trump sycophant. He was well prepared with misleading talking points and to someone skilled in dissecting lies they boiled down to this piece of brilliance: All of the people we did not test did not test positive for the coronavirus. Please re-read that a few times and the idiocy of it will sink in. That is like me saying that Bob Gibson never struck me out. That is true. So is the very important fact that I never stepped in the batter’s box against him. Had I, rest assured, the results would have been different. (Probably on three pitches.)

As I wrap up I want to begin by saying something in reference to cleansing. There are a few things in DC in desperate need of a thorough cleansing and disinfection. Most prominent among them are the Executive Branch and the Senate Republican caucus. We the people can do a lot about that in the November election. I still contend that (perhaps now more than ever) the ballot should come with a warning label that reads: Caution – voting for a Republican may be hazardous to your health.

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