At first glance today’s title and subject matter will appear at odds. That is unless you heard Alex Wagner’s comment during the “handoff” from Chris Hayes on Friday night. It can best be described as gallows humor.

One of my regrets with this site is that I don’t spend as much time on climate change as the issue warrants. Perhaps the only regret I have from working for President Obama in 2012 is that I was not able to take up a group of California grad students on their offer to work with them on this issue. It’s difficult to label a specific issue as number one and I refuse to do it but that said, climate change is certainly on the list of contenders.

I have to feel that in the week just passed the issue finally resonated with some Americans who, for any variety of reasons, elected to basically ignore it in the past. That still doesn’t mean that all the ostriches have extricated their heads from the sand. The biggest story of the week just ended is that it is hot. Hotter than possibly ever.

I live in metro Raleigh. Part of the South but not really the deep South. Over just the last few days it has experienced both dangerous heat and poor air quality. Both conditions can be directly traced to climate change. I used to live (and basically loved it) in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. That is much further south which in America generally means hotter.

Sections of Miami have for years experienced daily flooding. Projections are that sea level rise will soon put many parts of the Norfolk, Virginia areas under water. My late father was one of the millions of American sailors who sailed in and out of the American Navy’s largest Atlantic base which is housed there. I’ll let you draw the conclusions, but they are very obvious.

I’ve always lived east of the Mississippi where the water supply is almost always adequate. The same cannot be said for large portions of the American west. In part due to climate change that situation is only getting worse. Some of those metropolitan areas continue to grow in population and a lot of our food supply is grown/raised in that region. Again, I’ll let you connect the dots.

The 2024 GOP primary has largely been a comedy show to date. I’m still happy Chris Christie jumped in, he is often hilarious. While all the challengers seem to be going down in flames to Donald Trump of all people; can you imagine the fate of any who dared to make climate change a central theme of their platform. To date (and wisely considering it’s the GOP primary) none have even made it a plank.
One of the issues I have long warned of is just how Americans will treat the internal migration climate change will cause.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what I’m talking about in reference to Alex Wagner. Here it is: during the Hayes-Wagner “handoff” she made reference to something she had seen saying that the summer of 2023 would probably be the coolest of the rest of the life of anyone reading that blurb.

If correct, and baring action that doesn’t appear to be coming it is, that is very scary!

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