Connecticut Babies’ Lives Matter

While today’s article is somewhat of a continuation of yesterday’s (something I never do) it is even more something that I have to get off my chest. While for the most part I agree with President Trump’s attack on the Syrian airbase last week it is his professed motivation that bothers me. I find it hypocritical at best and inconsistent if not disingenuous. Let’s explore.

Last week Wednesday Trump had a joint press appearance with visiting King Abdullah II of Jordan. During their statements it was embarrassingly apparent that the King spoke English much better than Trump. English is not his majesty’s first language; supposedly it is Trump’s. I digress; it was the substance of Trump’s answers to reporters’ questions that continues to bother me. I have gotten used to the idea of the second President in my lifetime that is very challenged by the English language. Interestingly both members of the Republican Party whose unofficial (at this point anyway) policy is English as the official language of America.

The President elaborated about how he was moved by the images of little babies killed or seriously injured in the chemical weapon attack in Syria. That is fine but what about the images of the 20 American babies slaughtered in their elementary school classrooms in Connecticut just a few years ago? Like most progressives I am in favor of reasonable gun regulation. Not an outright gun ban. That is counter to our culture and Constitution. All I want are some laws that regulate the capacity of ammunition clips and help keep guns out of the hands of those too irresponsible to handle them, (a small but dangerous portion of our population). In the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School I thought that was possible to achieve. Nearly 90% of the population agreed with me. That included a large portion of gun owners and NRA members.

If you remember the NRA put the pressure on Congress and absolutely nothing happened. In fact at the state level several states loosened their gun regulations. President Obama would have signed gun regulation laws. He pled for it in several emotion addresses to the nation.

In the 2016 campaign the NRA endorsed Trump. He not only ran with their endorsement; he couldn’t seem to stop reminding people he had it. He publically embraced the NRA’s leaders on several occasions. Following Trump’s actions, not his rhetoric, the logical conclusion is that it is OK to kill American babies in the classrooms with automatic weapons but it is unacceptable to kill Syrian children if you use chemical weapons.

The chemical weapon attack didn’t just happen out of the blue. The Assad regime has been killing innocent children for years now. This was just the first reported incident of them using chemical agents to do so since Trump took office.

Let’s extend this line of thought a bit. You can kill Syrian babies using conventional weapons; I guess that is just collateral damage. In fact subsequent to Thursday night’s attack the Assad regime has again bombed the same area.

Trump wants to close the American border to any and all Syrian refugees. So apparently, according to Trump, it is OK to condemn these children to die of starvation as refugees.

I contend that the babies were more of an excuse than a motivation; or at least that Trump is all over the place in his “reasoning” and “policy”. (Sorry, in the interest of accuracy I had to put both words in quotes.)

If you analyze the Mar-a-Lago “Situation Room” photo a bit it illustrates some consistency coming out of the Trump administration. Seated immediately to the President’s right were Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, (an international money launderer and a man who made millions foreclosing on many who fell on financial hard times largely because George W. Bush nearly tanked the global economy). Vice President Mike Pence is seated in the back row so far away that he isn’t in the frame of most pictures taken.  The only military or diplomatic person seated close to Trump is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, (an oil guy).

Still looks like an organized criminal enterprise to me; although one more devoid of morals than usual.

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